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Coalition Commits 150,000 More Troops To Iraq

Blueprint For Peace Means More Men & Women On The Ground

US Troops with PrisonerMilitary consultants the world over reacted with surprise today at the announcement from the Pentagon and WHitehall that the US and Britain would be committing 150,000 more troops to defeating the insurgency in Iraq.

In a frank and open Press Conference in the Pentagon, US General Peter Fulgan outlined the plan for bringing peace to the troubled country.

"We have to admit that we've got it wrong so far," The General said, "We needed much larger troop numbers right from the beginning, but this will be a new strategy of total lock-down of the country while we root out and destroy the insurgents."

Handing over to his British Counterpart, Brigadier Andrew Veng, the joint US and UK plan was laid out.

"Essentially we will be using the successful model deployed during the Malayan crisis in 1948 to 1960" The Brigadier said. "We will be sealing Iraq's borders and isolating all towns and cities from each other with strict checkpoints on all routes. In areas too remote to protect we will be moving those populations to more central locations."

"All movements by vehicles will be severely curtailed, speed-limits enforced and shoot-to-kill orders will be given to troops if they see anyone carrying any sort of weapon. We will be concentrating 25,000 troops along the Iranian border, and if any insurgents are seen to be using this route as entry into Iraq, severe recriminations will be launched against Iran."

"The Iraqi army is being reformed, old Officers from the Saddam Regime have been recalled to bring peace to their country, or face the consequences if they don't."

"British Officers are being seconded to many US units new to Iraq, with orders to bring the skills and knowledge they have learned in their areas to relatively unseasoned troops."

International reaction to the announcement has been mixed. The French and Germans dismissed it as folly, but they welcomed the opportunity for increased arms sales in the region. Russia and China remained mute, but it is well known that they have militant islamic problems of their own.

Asked whether the increase in troop levels would lead to the return of conscription or the draft, both Officers denied it, but many in the room saw it as the only way to keep troop numbers high over the next 2 years.

This article was a pack of lies. Read more untruths.....

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