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Modelling To Become Official Qualification

Catwalk Hopefuls Can Now Study Towards Their Chosen Degree....

Catwalk ModelLong the subject of ridicule and mickey-taking, the profession of Fashion Modelling is to be given the recognition it deserves by the Minister for Education, announced today at a special press conference in Top Shop's flagship London Store.

From next term students at all levels will be given the opportunity to study fashion modelling at school, college & university, to gain GCSE, A-Level or Degree qualifications.

"We have to recognise the importance of professional modelling in today's society," said June Dripping, Minister for Education, "and build into place training and career pathway for young people who want to follow this profession."

Challenged by reporters as to how many people actually make a living from Fashion Modelling, and if there would be any beauty requirements to start these courses, the Minister became quite irate.

"It is not for us to judge with our values what is, or is not beautiful," the minister replied, "we will be giving students of all abilities & appearances the chance to learn how to walk, talk and act like cat-walk fashion models. Education is not about creating robots to feed into our economy, it is about giving our children a rich and fulfilling experience.

Special guests at the press conference were Tyra Banks and Lisa Snowden, presenters of the hit TV shows " America 's Next Top Model" and " Britain 's Next Top Model" respectively.

"The UK should feel very proud today" announced Ms. Banks, "You are leading the world in teaching your youth the values implicit in the Fashion Industry. Hard work, selflessness, dedication, flexibility and punctuality. I expect to see British models dominating the cat-walks of Paris , Milan and New York "

The press conference unfortunately ended in chaos when members of the fanatical "Teachers for Industry" burst in, trying to drape a banner saying "Real Subjects For Real Jobs" over the panel of speakers.

Police dragged (the admittedly ugly) teachers from the room, and they were taken to Paddington Green Police Station.

More to follow.

This article was a pack of lies. Read more untruths.....

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