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Microsoft Goes Open Source

Free Downloads of all MS Old Software and Operating Systems To Support Developing Countries & Those With Older PC's - Bill's Pledge

Bill GatesSoon to be stepping down as Microsoft's CEO, Bill Gates held an impromptu press conference today on the front lawn of his palatial Washington Country House, to a hastily invited pack of reporters, government officials and representatives from several charities and governments.

"Today is the day when Microsoft & Windows loses it's Satansoft image," Mr. Gates said, "As of 12 pm Eastern Standard Time, All obsolete versions of Windows, including XP, Windows 98 & 95, will be available for free download through microsoft.com."

"Not only that, but all versions of Microsoft Office before 2002 will also be available, and any other older, or legacy, microsoft software."

Quizzed as to why he was taking such a gigantic leap into free-ware, Bill replied,

"Microsoft has made billions of dollars over the last 20 years, and this is a way of saying thank you to our customers. We are also aware that many developing nations find it difficult to purchase official software, and end up using hacked versions that could be full of malicious code, stealing bank details, etc, and we want those people to be able to use official, safe versions of their favourite WIndows software, for free."

Bill went on to describe how Windows XP would now be Open Source - available to the worlds programmers to enhance and improve, in the same way that Linux has been developed over the last 10 years.

Industry analysts see this move by Microsoft as an attempt to stifle the growth of free software applications and operating systems, such as Open Office and Linux, but overall welcome this development.

Microsoft's share price rose by 3.8% after the announcement, showing that giving things away for free can sometimes be good for business.

This article was a pack of lies. Read more untruths.....

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