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Mental Health Act Extended To Dangerous & Career Criminals

Ministers Attempt To Tackle Rising Crime Wave Return To Victorian Values

More Prisons To Be BuiltRising crime, violence, attacks on children and the elderly, shorter sentences handed down by judges and the creation of a criminal underclass in Britain have led to Ministers drawing up plans to change the Mental Health Act, Whitehall insiders leaked today.

In the secret memo proposals have been put forward to redefine the rights of Judges and the police to "Section" or confine for indefinite periods certain types of criminals, based on their continuing illegal and dangerous behavior.

The leaked document lays out its intentions in the first couple of paragraphs.

"By redefining our legal definition of insanity we hope to remove many elements from society who show no ability to reform or cease their criminal activities. The purpose of this memo is to show that in many cases rehabilitation and re-education does not work, and that in order to protect our wider society it may be necessary to incarcerate certain criminals indefinitely."

The document then lays out the financial cost for the Treasury of repeat and serious offenders, pointing out that it is cheaper for the tax-payer to keep certain criminals locked up for their whole life, rather than to keep releasing them to offend again, be put through the court system, re-trained, and released only to return to their criminal ways.

The legal definition of insanity would be expanded to include people who "By their continuing behavior cause substantial damage to the fabric of society, who in the face of rehabilitation and counseling are unable to live their lives in a legal way, so it must be inferred that they are mentally ill, so should be locked up until the time that it can be shown that they are fit to reenter society."

Support for this measure would be by first concentrating on criminals that the public fear the most: Pedophiles, Serial Rapists and violent repeat offenders. The memo goes onto say that to support these measures a massive expansion of the prison-building programme would be required, but that the long-term costs would be recouped by not having these repeat offenders causing millions of pounds worth of damage through their actions.

The author of the report hopes to see that one day this proposed change would strike fear into the common petty criminal and dissuade them from offending. "If you know that after commiting 3 or 4 burglaries you're going to be classed as insane and locked up for life, I think you'd be more likely to lead a better life." The author concludes.

Reaction to the leaked report has been marked, Human Rights Groups are said to already be preparing a legal challenge at The European Court of Human Rights. Victim support groups have been been supportive however, especially in the cases where victims have been attacked or killed by criminals out on bail or released early from long prison sentences.

This article was a pack of lies. Read more untruths.....

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