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Which Sat Nav Do I Use Every Day?

The Garmin Nuvi 200 / 250 - Probably The Best In-Car Satellite Navigation Device - I Bought One!

My Garmin Nuvi 200I often get sent emails from visitors to this website asking for advice about which Satellite Navigation device is best, or about particular features people want. I recently was asked which Sat Nav I use, so I guess it time to spill the beans, and which unit I chose after reviewing dozens of different devices, and the result may well surprise you.


The Sat Nav I use, day in, day out, is the Garmin Nuvi 200. One of the smallest in-car devices available, the Nuvi 200 comes with maps of the UK and Ireland, full post-code look up, 3d maps, voice instructions, thousands of POI'S, speed-cameras, touch-screen, accurate maps, and an intuitive interface. I also looked at the Nuvi 250, which is identical aprt from also coming loaded with street-level maps of Europe, which I didn't need, but you might.

So what were my reasons for choosing the Nuvi 200? First up, and most importantly for me, was map accuracy. The Garmin uses Navteq maps, which I have found to be more accurate than some of the maps used on other makes of Sat Nav. Feedback from professional drivers, such as taxi-drivers and long-distance lorry drivers, has been that they prefer Garmin, and have been disappointed with the maps on TomTom's.

Next up was usability. The Garmin interface is very easy to use, you do not need to use the instruction manual. The menus are clearly laid out, and everything works as it should. The maps displays are clear, the voice instructions loud, and it can be customized for car, lorry, cycle or pedestrian use. Save your favorite destinations in advance, find the nearest fuel stations or parking, all at the touch of a button. Easy.

My third reason was price. The Nuvi 200 has a list price of about £170, but if you hunt around you can get one much cheaper. We all know that the maps in any Satellite Navigator will be out of date in a couple of years, and you'll be better off buying a new unit (with a new warranty) than upgrading an old unit - so why spend hundreds of pounds?

Next is size. The Nuvi 200 is tiny, just bigger than a packet of cigarettes. It fits in my suit pocket nicely, and with no pop-out GPS antennae to damage, all you need is a nice slip case to protect it. Lovely.

You may say what about Bluetooth? What about Traffic information? What about mp3 / ipod connectivity? Well, I don't really need them. I use a Bluetooth earpiece for hands-free calling, which is small, and means I always have a legal way of using my mobile in my car without having to use my Sat Nav (which I don't always need). Yes, a traffic avoiding feature could have been nice, but I use lots of minor roads where TMC is unavailable, so it wouldn't make any difference to my journey. As for connecting my ipod, or playing mp3's, I have a cd-player in my car, and an fm modulator to put my mp3's through its radio, so I don't need that feature either.

Other things I love about my Nuvi 200 is its ability to navigate to lat / long coordinates (you can even Geocache with a Nuvi 200), its light weight, the way your can bring up your current latitude or longitude by tapping on the car on the screen, the map browser, and its long battery life for wire free operation.

Of course the Nuvi could be improved. A TomTom like "avoid part of route" feature would have been useful. Smoother voices or the ability to read out road and place names would have been good. These are minor considerations, and don't make the 200 any less in my eyes.

If you're after a cheap Sat Nav, that does exactly what it should, is very small, and has very accurate maps, get a Garmin Nuvi 200 - or a 250, the European version. . You will not be disappointed.

Buy a Garmin Nuvi 200/ 250 Sat Nav from Amazon.co.uk.

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Garmin Nuvi FAQGarmin Nuvi 200 Series Video FAQ Netcast of the most Frequently Asked Question from this site, about the Nuvi 200, 250, 260, 270 and W versions.

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Comments / Questions:

I am considering purchasing the Garmin Nuvi 200 but note that it does not give details of traffic problems on route or as I read it give you the best route bearing in mind current road congestion. I do not want to spend too much and the 300 is being sold at some great prices at the moment..any thoughts on whehter I would be better served by a more expensive unit and if so which one would you suggest....thanks in advance Phil.

How about a Nuvi 255WT? It's going for about 140 on Amazon at the mo.

Hey rob, i deleted my recectly found and I had an address I really needed in there, is there anyway i can get that info back?  Derek.

Sorry, no.

I was wondering my nuvi 200 when I plug it into my car charger a computer comes on the screen and it doesn't work what can I do?

Sounds like you're not using a Garmin Charger, or its faulty.

I have had the Nuvi 200 for 3 months, it's so easy to use. I find it better than the Tom Tom One and would definately recommend it. Great site by the way!

Excellent! Click the donate button at the top of the page!

I have a garmin nuvi 200 which is very sick at the moment, all the files have been wiped from the internl memory, is there any where i can do to down load them or can some one copy there files and send them to me so i can install them again, i didnt make a backup of them on my pc. you wouldnt believe how stupid i feel!!!!

Contact Garmin.

I've a nuvi200 that I use in the UK but I'm emigrating to South Africa in November.
Where is best and how to aquire maps for South Afica for this model please?

You'd have to contact Garmin about their Southern Africa Maps.

Has anyone made a chart showing how to navigate through the Garmin 200 menus? Colin.

You should check out my Garmin Nuvi Beginners Guide Video.

I have nuvi 200 but i'm linving in Mauritania. I would like to ask you is there any proceedure to create a routes map on my GPS or saving all my tracks in order to use them as reference.

The Nuvi can't follow stored routes, but it may be worth checking out this link.

I have a Nuvi 200W and love it to bits, at least I did until it started lagging behind my actual position making navigation a pain. This started out of the blue and after Googling for an answer, can't find anything that helps. Any help would be gratefully received!

You need to reset it. Turn it off. Press your finger on the bottom right of the screen, hold it there, and turn it on. Say "yes" when asked (you'll lose your stored addresses), and then it should ne ok.

Ive bought a Garmin Nuvi 200. Is ther any updates that can be bought so it can be used in North America on holiday?

You need the City Navigator NT North America Maps.

We have a motorhome and would prefer route selection to maximise M,A & B roads - does the "lorry" selection on Nuvi200 do somethig like this, thus avoiding unclassified roads as far as possible. Regards & thanks for advice, Brian

Hi, you can specify to avoid unpaved roads and u-turns, plus always take the "fastest route".

On reading your comments regarding whether the nuvi 200 can detect the speed limit of the road you are in, I was also told by the Halfords salesman that it did!! he was wrong - but the Tom Tom one does let out a bleep when you exceed the speed limit .

Good tip!

hi rob great site !! glad i came across it .i bought a garmin 200 nuvi and i would like to ask you if you can tell me how to delete an address i no longer require, thanks in advance.

If its in your favourites, press "where to", "favourites", click the one you want to delete, then "edit", "delete".

If its in your "recently found" you can only clear all of them, by clicking "recently found" then "clear!.

I am a Garmin fan and currently own a GPSMAP 60 CSX -brilliant. I recently bought a Nuvi 200 for my daughter and am absolutely delighted with it.  However 2 questions:
1. As roads change am I able to down load the UK and ROI latest mapping as I can with the latest speed camera detail? and
2. Can you give me a better explanation on the the use of the 'detour' button?  It would seem little difference than me taking a turn off the route and the Garmin automatically recalculating the route.

1. Every couple of years Garmin will release a map update, which you can get on DVD or download - you've got to pay for it though!

2. Er... you're right, the detour button is just like if you'd just turned off.

Hello Bob - very informative forum. I am trying to locate a Garmin Sat Nav that will allow Long/Lat inputs and also has Bluetooth connectivity?

They all take lat / long, for Bluetooth go for a 660fm, 760t.

Got the 200 yesterday and tried it briefly.  At one multi lane island it told to bear right, when the middle lane was correct. I ignored the instruction but it did not recalculate, so it was correct.  It was just misleading with its instruction.  Also at one point it said take the first exit at the island, but that has been gone for several months and is now a traffic light junction.  How do I update this?

Post corrections on the Garmin Mapsource Error Page.

Just bought a Navi 200 and was under the impression it came with the option of Bus/Truck to ensure I stick to main roads (to aid with driving a small horse box) can you confirm if this model has this option as I can only find the choice of pedestrian/bicycle/automobile?!

Ok, what you need to do is press the spanner, options, navigation, avoidances, and make sure "u turns" and "unpaved roads" is ticked. Also always use "fastest route" never "shortest".

Yes I have the Garmin nuvi 255 and i was wondering if you can save the fuel stations and resturants into your favorites without doing each one individually, like i want it to show the icon where all the gas stations and resturants are in a certain city on the map.  But Im not sure if i can do this with out putting in each one indivudally.  Or im not sure if i can do this at all.

I don't think so. Anyone else?

My nuvi 250is telling me I need to update the maps, how do I do this and will I need to buy a usb cable for connecting the nuvi to my home pc, and how much are the updates? Thanks Athol.

Look for the Garmin City Navigator NT Upgrade maps on Amazon., you will need a mini usb cable - update orice varies.

I am thinking of buying the Nuvi 200, can you tell me if it will give you your current position as an os grd reference?   Cheers, Stu.

Only lat / long.

I want to use a GPS where getting maps may be a problem and one might have to develop one's own routes over time. what would be the best system for that? Paul.

You want a Garmin handheld GPS, they have the ability to store routes and waypoints independant of street-type maps.

Can you help me???I`ve just bought the nuvi 200...Big problems driving through Sheffield towards my destination...trying to head for the M1(which I needed to go on),my nuvi kept sending me to my destination via A roads only...When on the M1,the nuvi kept telling me to exit the m/way and go via A roads...Do I have a faulty unit? Steve.

Probably not. Go into the settings, navigation, and make sure "faster time" is selected. Also check the avoidances and make sure "major rds" is unticked.

Hi there, do you know if this (http://www.nav-voices.co.uk) is the only website that provides alternative Garmin voices? I love my Garmin, but my friends with TomToms have better voices and I'm developing 'sat nav voice envy' Many thanks

Er.. not that I know of.

I have just purchased a Nuvi 255w worked OK for a couple of hours now when switching on comes up with System Software Missing
Have phoned Garmin who sent details of fix that didnt work.

You need to take it back and swap it for a new one.

Could you tell me if the nuvi200 announces Turn Left/Turn Right while in the Pedestrian mode? Mine only announces "You have arrived at destination."
Some users say it is supposes to annouince Turn Left/Turn Right while in PEDESTRIAN mode; others say it is not supposed to make those announcements.
As I said, my nuvi 200 DOES NOT announce Turn Left or Turn Right (while in Pedestrian mode).

Depends if you are in OFF ROAD mode. If you are, it won't say anything, because you're following a striaght line.

In MapSource software (on my PC) I have created some routes and used option "Send to Device" to load these routes to my device (nuvi 200). But if I cannot  actually use/select any routes from device, what is the point of this MapSource software option? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance. Sasha.

The mapsource software is used by all of Garmins GPS Sat Nav devices, which unfortunately means that some things you can do with the software you can't do with your device. Route planning in Mapsource is normally associated with the hiking handheld devices, which are very fiddly to put routes into manually.

Hi there.  After reading your review, i went out and bought a nuvi 200.  Great machine apart from 2 things.  The first is it tends not to show all immediately surrounding roads, especially to the right of car.  Second, it does not show house numbers as another unit i tried did?  I have updated to latest software, but no help???
Thanks,  Neil...

Check you've got the most detailed map settings. Press the spanner, settings, map, map detail "most". As for house numbers, mine doesn't show them on the map either.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 200 but when I lock the screen the voice cannot be heard. Is it me or is it a quirk of the Nuvi? Many thanks Sue x

When you lock the screen it mutes the volume, you're right.

I have just bought a nuvi 250 and downloaded the camera DB free trial. If I look in the POI folder under garmin with the device plugged into the usb port, I see several files, but I am confused because the two files which seems to be the right ones are entitled UKCyclopsSample_010207.uni (1KB) and UKCyclopsSample_010207.gpi. Is this correct or am I looking in the wrong place? Have I overwritten files that were on the device when I bought it with samples? Confused of Colchester.

One file will be the locations, the other the icons.

There is a pint in it for you "if you could point me in the right direction" (sorry had to do that!) for getting any voice changes for the Garmin 250?


great site i have two questions.i bought a garmin nuvi 250 recently.
(1) travelled from cork to dublin and it kept missing satellite. is coverage very poor in ireland.
(2) going to italy in the summer is coverage any better there. Maurice.

Satellite coverage should only be lost if the unit can't see the sky - eg if you're between large buildings, under bridges, under trees, etc. A reflective windscreen could degrade the reception too - but the Nuvi's aren't usually affected by this. Also make sure the unit is stationary when you turn it on and its getting a fix.
It may be worth a reset to force the unit to rebuild it's GPS database, check out my guide to do this.

I've bought a nuvi 250 here in the UK and find it's a great machine. I'm moving to the States and wondered if I take it with me, would it run the North America NT SD card purchased in the States.

Should be fine.

HI ROB, great site btw, i have just bought myself a nuvi 200 and its true when your in the rural like me in south wales area just to type in the postcode without your house no. but for cities can use post code and full address.

Have 1 or 2 questions though,how do you download the vehicles to your sat nav from the pc in fact how do you download lol,as am disgusted that there are not any instructions, i have a digital camera usb lead tried most of last night and was banging me head against the wall with SRF files and no way to crack them HELP or if you know of a totally free program to crack these srf files so that i can download to sat nav would appreciate any help that u could give if you have the time clive would you email me thnx very much regards, Nick.

Thanks for the comments, glad you like the site.
For a guide on how to download and install the different icons, check out my Garmin Custom Vehicle Icon Guide.
As for making your own, check out this site.

I bought this whilst in the usa and I now want to put uk road maps on to it.

How would I go about this? Ben.

You need to get the
Garmin City Navigator NT Europe Maps
try Amazon or various other retailers - I don't think you can use the NT update though.

is there such thing as a magnifying glass that will attach to the front of the NUVI 660fm because i have trouble reading things that close.

Great idea, but I haven't heard of one yet. I'll put the post up to see if anyone else has any ideas...

Hello there I bought a Garmin Nuvi 200W last week as it seemed the best one for me when I was checking them all out (too much choice!!)
Just a quick question I read somewhere online that you can change from a map screen to just text so it reads something like:

Turn left etc etc
turn right etc etc

and you can scroll down to see your route further on, as I seem to be useless at following maps I wondered how to do this as I cant find any option for it on the menu??
thank you very much for any help! Charlie.

All you have to do is put in your route, start navigating, then press the bar at the top of the screen. The top instruction is your next turn, and the screen scrolls up automatically. You can use the arrows in the bottom right of the screen to preview the rest of your route.

Nice review, and I agree that this is a great unit. Do you know how to backup my favourites to a PC? I can copy the entire contents of the unit to my PC I know, but then if I want to copy back over to the unit my favourites, its not clear to me which file(s) I need to copy back over.

Great question. Check out
this free software
Tell me how you get on.

I would like to transfer my favorites from a Garmin i3 to my new Nuvi 200. Is this possible?? It sure would save a lot of time and work.
Thank You very much. Van.

Have a look at
this free software
it may do the job. Tell me how you get on.

We are going to North American what would you suggest to buy regarding a Sat Nav and will it come pre-loaded with maps or will we have to buy.

You want to be looking at a Garmin Nuvi 270, 670, 770 or TomTom 930 - all come pre-loaded with European and USA maps, just look at the different features (and cost) and see which is best for you.

Ideally i would like a unit that acts both as a route finder as well as a speed trap warning, can you tell me which 'dual' unit has the best speed trap warning system (and if possible, the loudest brightest audio and visual warning method please in case the radio is on!) Mark.

The only speed-camera warning devices that really "scream" at you that I've played with are from Road-Angel, their Navigator 6000 (which is getting a little long in the tooth) or their dedicated New Road Angel. If you've got your music up loud, and miss the visual warning from the screen, maybe move the GPS to somewhere where it's more in your line of site, like the right hand side of the windscreen? To be honest I've never missed a warning - the Nuvi's and the TomToms are quite effective when it comes to that, but if you're unsure pop into your local electronics store and ask for a demo.

I recently bought the R A C one. it was crap.It lived in a world of its own!according to it i was driving across a golf course at one point,when i was on the M6. it kept spinning round and wanted to send me in completely the wrong direction.useless!!its put me off,can you recommend one for me? Dawn.

Get a Garmin Nuvi 200 / 205 or a TomTom One.

Hi. Does the European mapping include Guernsey and Jersey? I can't find any mention of this.

Main roads are covered in the Channels islands, but I advise you to have a play with one before you buy to check whether its got the detail you want - and you'll be looking at a Nuvi 250, 255 or the W versions.

I have loaded new pictures onto my Nuvi 200 and wish to delete the pictures that came on the unit. How do I do it. Thanks

Ok, it might be worth thinking about loading images onto a seperate SD card rather than into the systems built-in memory, that way you won't have any space issues, but if you want to delete the pics in the Nuvi, plug it into your pc via a mini-usb lead, then just press "start" on your desktop, "My computer" double click on the nuvi, then navigate around and delete the default images. Don't delete anything else, or you Nuvi will stop working. In fact, if you're going to do this, it might be a good idea to back it up at the same time, so double click the Nuvi in your "My Computer Screen" then "Edit" "Select All" Right Click "Copy", then paste the contents to a new directory on your pc's hard-drive, just in case.

What types of safety cameras does the nuvi 250 come pre loaded with in the UK? e.g. red light, gatso, mobile etc..

Check out this link.

Hi I have the Nuvi 200 and am very pleased with it. Is it possible though to obtain maps for North America ( Florida) so I can take it with me on holiday. Thanks Terry

You need City Navigator NT for North America.

i have just brought another satnav (tom tom) and want to sell my old one its a garmin and want to reset it before selling to get rid of all my addresses but dont know how does anyone know thanks.

Depends which Garmin it is, you need to clear the memory with a system reset. Check out the user questions from one of my Podcasts (near the bottom of the page) where I've included various instructions on how to reset GArmins.

Hi I just brought the nuvi 200 for my boyfriend for his 21st and I was wondering if you can buy different voices for it i.e. celeb voices? If so do you know the best place to get them from? Also do you know, should the nuvi 200 come with a usb cable in the box or do you have to buy it seperately? Thanks Nikki.

The Garmin doesn't come with a usb lead, get a mini usb from any pc shop, or you might have one already for your digital camera. No celebrity voices for Garmin that I know of.

I want to use my nuvi whilst cycling in the "Bicycle" mode how do i get the UK cycle routes to show up on the unit?

You could check this link out. Might be worth emailing them to make sure it works on a Nuvi.

just got a garmin 200. i live in england and have just passed my driving test. is there anyway for it to speak to me and tell me where to go as i am not confident keep taking my eyes off the road to look at it.

Are you saying you want it to tell you the road names that you should be turning onto? If so, then no, your Nuvi 200 cannot do that, it will only say "turn left in 300 feet." If you want something that will say "Turn Left Onto London Rd" then you need a more expensive model, something like a 760, or if you wait a little, the New Nuvi 255 will have text-to-speech, and should be a lot cheaper.

Hello, Hope you enjoy your pint ! I got my Garmin and I down loaded the trial Speed cameras.Can you tell me are there any adjustments regarding the warning volume of the speed cameras. And does this system detect all kinds of speed cams or just the fixed ones !
Thanks again, John

Ok, this is a passive system, so it is only warning you of cameras in its database, it doesn't detect anything apart from your position. You'll find fixed cameras and common mobile positions in there too. I don't think you can change the volume of the warnings, it just has that "bong".

I too love my Garmin 200 but even in the 15 months I've had a lot of new bits of road and new locations have arrived in my neck of the woods (South West England). As far as I can see from Garmin's not-so-great website, there are no updates available. Does anyone know if they exist please? Jh.

check out this link

Hi, Really good demo of the Nuvi 200 .Can you tell me is there a night setting or is the screen on a bright day setting all the time !
Thanks, JOHN

To get up the night mode, just press the spanner, then settings, then display, then colour mode. Best to leave on auto then it changes automatically when it gets dark.

All found to be very usefull, many thanks enjoy your Pint Think I'll go for the Garmin 250w need the Euro bit again many thanks. John.

Thank you very much! Cheers!

Hi is it possible to charge the 200 via a laptop and mini usb? I have just been given one of these as a gift!!! Mark.

Just plug it in with a mini usb - not via a hub - you can't use it at same time though.

If I use the usb with my nuvi 200 to connect to my computer will I be able to save the data of where I've travelled that day? If not, what would I need to buy to save that data?

Unfortunately the Garmin doesn't record a track of where it's been - only recent destinations. If you need to record distance travelled for expenses you could use the trip meter - but it only records total distance, you'd have to reset it between locations and make a note of their names.

Hi, great site! Thanks for hosting! I wondered if you could tell me if there is somewhere to download or purchace various english voice updates? I have a garmin 200w and it only comes with 2 variations on the english setting, British and American.
Thank you, Jay.

Not yet I'm afraid.

I've recently bought a Nuvi 200. It says it has pre-loaded european regional maps on it, what does that mean?? Does that cover the Netherlands?? Sorry if it's a daft quesion!! Amanda,

No, it just means it comes with street level maps for the UK and Eire. It will have some main roads in Holland, but you really have to buy a Nuvi 250 or the update maps for the rest of Europe.

Hi There, great site. My TT Go 300 died today, started to make all manner of strange noises and wouldn't fix, have tried many resets without success. Its seen a lot of service in 3 years so doesn't owe me anything, I guess its time to replace it. Looking at the Nuvi 200W, I like the trip readings in Garmin. Can you help with answers to a couple of questions please? Is it possible to see a constant speed display when on navigation screens and how does Nuvi handle user input POI's in the TT I have 3 custom folders with about 30-40 poi's in each can I do same in Nuvi? Also in TT it can take current position and add as poi can Nuvi do the same?
Many thanks. Paul.

Sorry to here about your TomTom Go 300, here's the answers to your questions:
On the Garmin Nuvi 200 series you can't see your current speed on the navigation screen, you've got to go to the Trip Screen.
With the Nuvi's you can't save locations as POI's, you save them as favorites. You can do this by entering the address, Post Code, lat / long, or just tap the vehicle icon to save your current location.
You'd have to contact Garmin to find out what the maximum number of favorites you could store in a Nuvi.

Do the Garmin devices list the speed limit for your current location (and is it possible to display this at the same time as your current speed for comparison)?

No Sat Navs know the speed limit of the current road you're on - only the Speed Limit of the Speed Cameras you approach - it's an important point to remember because of the threat of mobile police units.

Are you sure. I ask as I thought I had seen this in the bottom left corner of a friend's TomTom 1 displayed as current speed / limit and the Halford's salsman told me they all have it.

Last time I looked they could only warn you when you were above the speed limit when near a camera, because they know the speed that the camera is set to, not the speed limit of the road.

I'm currently on the look out for a new sat nav, and after the demo which you have provided, I know which nav I will be buying this weekend! excellent!


I have the nuvi 250w, it works fine except of the updater, i keep receiving a message after the downloading , that there is not enough space in the disk....i dont have anything else installed, and the 2giga sd card is almost empty.Please help me! George.

I'm assuming that you've downloaded Garmin Updater to your Desktop PC's harddrive and are running it from there, and not trying to download the Updater to your Garmin? Also, within the Updater you're not trying to install ALL of the language / voice updates? You don't need them all and they could fill up your Nuvi.
If both of the above are not the case you need to do a clear user data reset on the Garmin by turning it off, holding your thumb on the bottom right of the screen, turn it on (don't release your thumb!) then say yes to clear user data. Enter your language settings again, then have another go with the Updater software, with the SD card OUT of the device.

I am unable to see the speedo from the passenger seat in my new driving school car. A second speedo for my side of the car will cost around £150 so I thought the Garmin 200 would be a better option - Question is: Can I set the display up to read current speed all the time and can I turn off the audio alarm and voice? Allan.

With the 200 you can have your speed displayed all the time, but not in the main map menu, you have to press the bottom left corner of the screen, then you'll be in the trip screen, which has the speed displayed nicely. Click the picture for a bigger view. (Will open new in new tab / window.)


You can mute all sound whenever you want, press menu, the speaker icon, mute.

If you need a GPS Sat Nav that can display the current speed on the map screen go for a tomtom one.

How do I find somewhere if I only have the place but no post code.

If it's got an address, use that by putting in the town, house number (or leave blank) then road.
If its a town press the down arrow and select cities.
If its something like "Heathrow Airport" you'll find it in the "Food, Hotels.." POI section. Press the "near" button, type the name of the closest town or city, (you may have to confirm the location) , select the appropriate icon, eg transit, Air Transportation, then select or spell the name of the place.
In the case of Heathrow you'll notice that you can't read the terminal number properly. To see the full description tap the name, then the full description will appear. If its right, press Go! If its wrong, press back and choose another.

Can you tell the Garmin to avoid particular road types, for example Motorways?
What about the Tomtom one, does it have this feature as well?
Thanks. Will.

The Garmin can be set up to avoid "major roads" which includes motorways and some A roads. You can also avoid Toll Roads, Unpaved roads and Car Share Lanes. Its all under "Navigation" then "Avoidances" in the settings menu. Tomtom's can do this too.

I find the handbook very poor compared with your demo - well done. Is it possible to add/show POI's on a route rather than having to select them individually?

Ok, from the main menu, press the spanner, then settings, then press the down arrow, then map, then map detail, then "most" and "ok". I think that does it.

I have had a Nuvi 200 for 6 months now. Big problem - in rural areas it tends to select back roads and even single track roads. Last week it sent me down a single track road at night and into a forded river! I am on quickest route setting. I think the handbook is rubbish. Geoff.

I'd reset the device first, then double check you're on fastest route, but your problem is probably in "Avoidances". Check "Unpaved Roads" "Ferries" are ticked.
If it still plays up, contact Garmin.

I am thick when it comes to technology.lol, but had a garmin nuvi 200 bought me for xmas. How do you get home on it if im travelling somewhere and want to get home.

If you're on the map screen, just press menu(on the bottom of the screen) then press the magnifying glass, then address, and you're away.
If you feel a little adventurous press the home button and enter your home address, from then on you only have to press that button to get home.
Remember, the Sat Nav always knows where it is, you just need to enter where you want to go.

Hi does the Garmin 200 have a equivalent of the "avoid part of route" that you get with the tomtom one v3?
For example, if i was stuck in traffic could the Garmin re route me? James.

The Garmin has a "detour" button which you press to get you off the current route, but it doesn't have all the options like the TomTom models. In fact it has no options, you just press it and hope for the best! Never used that button myself in anger, so can't really comment on it effectiveness. You definitely cannot "avoid part of route" like on the TomTom where you pick out certain roads and avoid them altogether.

Could anyone help got a garmin nuvi 200 it switched itself off got it back on again but just says no detailed maps found that supports routing the nuvi cannot be used without them tried reset button. John.

Call Garmin technical support first thing in the morning on 0808 238 0000 and they'll sort you out.
Please tell us how you get on and what they tell you to do - its an internal problem with the map database, I haven't come across it before and I couldn't find any solutions on web.
Garmin are usually very helpful, just phone early to avoid rush.

Could you tell me how long the Garmin 250 should take to find a satellite, ours seems to take ages and we have travelled at least five to six miles before it picks anything up. Is this normal? Irene

Hi Irene! That seems too long. Make sure when the Garmin first tries to get a fix your car is stationary and the unit has a good view of the sky, don't be surrounded by buildings.The first lock can take a few minutes, but then after that as long as you use the unit regularly it will "remember" where the satellites are and get a fix in under a minute.
If the problem persists phone Garmin support on 0808 238 0000 (mornings best during week) and they'll walk you through how to reset the GPS data.
Please tell us how you get on.

I would happily buy you two beers if you can tell me of a in car Sat Nav that displays Long/Lat co-ordinates, and if we can enter Long/Lat co-ordinates for directions. We currently have 3 Pioneer AVIC-X1BT systems that can display Long/Lat, but is not a standard feature. Clive.

Hi Clive! The Nuvi 200 (UK) / 250 (UK & Europe) / 270 (UK, Europe & USA) all have an option to Navigate to Lat / Long coordinates, and if you press the little car icon (or tank icon on my Nuvi 200...) the unit will tell you your current position.
If you fast forward to 06.36 on the following video you'll see the navigate to lat / long option, and how to bring up your current lat / long position:
Nuvi 200 Video
The 200 and 250 are also availble in Widescreen models. Hope this helps! Regards, Rob.

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