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Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite Navigation Devices Sent to This Site.

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Questions and answers that have been sent to this site by it's visitors, you may find them helpful! Please check out our first page of Sat Nav Questions as well.

Q. I'm looking for a sat nav which I can use on a narrowboat to give me speed to the nearest 0.1 mph; as well as being able to use it in the car.  Does the Garmin Nuvi 250 give speed to this level of accuracy?  Or is there another device you can suggest? Halfie.

A. No, none that accurate that I know of.



A. It's in demo mode - just go into the settings and turn it off.


Q. i have just bought a new 730 tomtom do they come with a memory card as every other tomtom i have had has but this one didnt. Steve.

A. Everythings now stored on the internal memory.


Q. can any 1 tell me if i can downlaod voices to my snooper s600 syrius plus
and how, where i can get them?

A. I think you're stuck with the ones that come with it, sorry.

Q. I am a total phobic to any technology. My daughter set up my Garmin 660fm and set in going and it got me home on a trial run but now I want to map a trip using a new start point how do I do this?
I keep getting my home and then it asks for a destination. I have obiviously missed the obvious here. Maggie.

A. You need to put it into demo mode - settings - system - demo. Make sure you change it back before you use it for real!

Q. i have just got a gate 5 ag sat nav with smart2go...and have tried for days without any luck to get it started up. help! Hazel.

A. Never heard of it. Sorry!


Q. I am trying to replace the battery on my Navman ICN 510, I have removed the 5 visible screws, yet the cover seems firmly attached, is there a hidden screw behind the serial number lable? or are there any plastic lugs still holding the unit together? Chig.

A. Sorry, can't help you there.





I HAVE READ COMMENTS FROM JOHN, ABOUT GETTING MAPS (from Smart2gomaps & Maps for Free Navigation) VIA NOKIA.

A. Sorry, I don't have any answers for that Sat Nav, but I'll pass on any info anyone sends to me.


Q. i have a navtek 885 sat nav do you know any one that repairs this make wen i switch it on out side it finds sats but after 5 to 10 mins it loses them even wen sat nav is not moved. Arthur.

A. Its only usually the manufacturer that repairs GPS units, and if its out of warranty the costs are normally prohibitive, it makes more sense to buy a new one with newer maps.


Q. I have a 2001 Range Rover VOUGE fitted with a CARiN II sat nav system that work ok
But the address's held in the memory return after they have been deleted once the ignition is turned off, and any address that I put into the memory is deleted when the ignition is turned off other than that it works ok
,any idea's

A. Ok, it could be a duff system - but if you feel competent enough it may be worth checking the fuses and wiring to make sure the switched and perment lives are ok, and the earths are still good. Bear in mind that a brand-new GPS Sat Nav now only costs just over £100 - with new maps, better display - so don't spend too much time (or any money) on this old unit.


Q. Apparently, according to Maplin on the phone just now (June 12, 2008), they believe Keomo went into liquidation at the end of April 2008.  The Keomo website was shutdown and nobody has taken over their product updates or support.  Anyone know anything different ? Kevin.

A. I'm sure you're right, good work, but obviously bad if you've got a Keomo.


Q. I had recently bought and used my Keomo sat nav but suddenly I cant get any voice commands!  Have I done something wrong.  Have checked volume and should "mute" have a cross through it or not. Sylvia.

A. I'm no expert on Keomo GPS's, but I would try a reset if I were you. Check your instructions to see where the reset button is.


Q. I had an aytobe sat nav but it was total s##t ive now got a keomo sat nav that works brill. but the prob i have is the speed camera icon is there but their doesnt seam to be anything installed where can i get the camera softwear that i need many thanks. any help would be great if you or any one can help plz. Paul.

A. Sorry, the Keomo site seems to have gone.


Q. Mike here i purchased a Garmin Nuvi 360 Europe reference 1040897 a while ago.
I find the product useful.However i am having difficulties with one feature of same.I have a bluetooth.I wish to get the sat nave audio direct to the bluetooth. That way,i am listening to it but other passengers are not effected.
I would be very appreciative if you would plese advise me if this product should be able to this.Does it offer this facility.?

A. Sorry, the audio has to  come out of the internal speaker. I can't remember if the 360 has an FM Modulator built in (I don't think so), if it did you can put the sound through the car speakers.
Does it have a head-phone jack? Maybe just use a wired ear-piece if so.


Q. hi can you tell me how i can get the speed camera warning to work on my keomo sat nav please. Steven.

A. Sorry, I couldn't find any info on that, and their site isn't working for me at the moment.


Q. I have seen various mentions on the Internet that GPS systems in Southern Ireland are not very reliable. I have a TomTom 300,fully updated,should there be any problems? Graham.

A. The maps in Southern Ireland, away from the major towns, aren't as comprehensive as those in the UK. Test it before you go by entering a few addresses of where you'll be travelling to.


Q. Hi how would i use my tom tom sat nav if i want to go to ireland? Sharon.

A. It should already have the maps on, but be aware that they aren't that comprehensive away from the major towns.


Q. Following you e-mail, I have discovered that Keomo uses the smart2go maps, now owned by, and a free download from, Nokia. May help others looking for other maps for their Keomo Sat Nav.
Regards, John.

A. Thats great, if you get the European maps working maybe you could email back, because its fantastic if its free!

R. Not yet. I only discovered yesterday that the Keomo maps were in fact the smart2go maps - I then discovered Navteq - who owned smart2go were sold out to Nokia a couple of months ago.
Checking :-maps-for-free-navigation

I could see they are the same mapping as on the Keomo and are a free download to a computer. If you want them as a fully fledged turn by turn navigation system you can apparently purchase an upgrade licence for various terms from one week to 3 years. You can download the maps in advance of your requirements and leave the licence purchase untiljust before you go.
The maps apparently available for most of the world - not just Europe - the list is extensive and can be used on GPS equipped mobile phones as well as Sat Navs.
Regards, John.


Q. hi all, im havin the same problem with my keomo sat nav. i have tried many times to log onto the website, but have failed to get access to it. its a joke. i have my reciept im going to return it to maplin. its no good if you cant update it. Ken.

A. Sounds like the best thing to do. Get a TomTom or Garmin instead, the support is much better.


Q. I have read through previous questions and I have tried what you told Geraldine to do.....my tomtom710 when turned on only shows the blank sat nav picture with card and red cross coming from the base of the unit. I have tried the reset using a pin to no avail...do you have any other suffestions? many thanks David

A. Try this link on the TomTom site.


Q. Do you have to update sat nav's? i have had mine for 6 months and someone told me that it needed updating, is this true. If so, how can i update and why do i have to do it? Lola.

A. If your units working fine, then there isn't really a need to update it, but at the first sign of trouble, and if your contact your supplier they'll always ask you if you've got the latest software installed before trying anything else.
To update, just visit the make of GPS Sat Nav's website and look for "update" or "downloads" or "support" and follow the instructions. This advice only applies to the operating system of the GPS - unless you've got a TomTom that’s under a year old you have to pay for map updates.


Q. hi when i try to charge my tomtom 1 the screen goes blank(white) and it switches off the battery is almost flat can you help thanks. Ross.

A. First try pressing the reset button on the bottom and see if that works. Make sure you've downloaded the latest updates from Tomtom.


Q. Hi, I have just got a Keomo Sat Nav from Maplins. I bought a Jet games mains charger for a Sony PSP off Ebay for 99p plus postage, (same polarity and output). I have done two complicated trips with it, both using the go via navigation. it worked perfectly and is 10 times better than my wifes Tom Tom. Unlike the Tom Tom it actually get me from my house to the main road by the shortest route.
One question though, does anyone know where you can get Western Europe Maps from, or which other manufacturers maps use the same format / file type?. regards, John

A. Unfortunately I can't find any extra maps for the Keomo, but I'm glad you've had a great experience with this Sat Nav.


Q. Got Keomo Sat nav. as a present but it only has the map of Ireland & England. Would like to purchase the map of Europe as will be travelling to Europe later in the summer. Can you please let me know where I can purchase same. thanks. Gerry.

A. I don't think you can buy extra maps for the Keomo, and their site isn't working for me, but maybe there's some contact information in the user manual?


Q. Will a Garmin Nuvi 200W work through the heated front screen of a Ford OK or are certain models better than others. Dave.

A. The Nuvi 200w will be fine. I would avoid any of the Garmin 700's though, the GPS reception isn't too great on those.


Q. Hi, my Kemo GPS will not switch on. it was purchased at Maplin but due to not having the receipt anymore they will not accept responsibility. please advise if you know of any places that I can repair it. Zaheer.

A. Sorry, I haven't found anybody who repairs Kemo GPS Sat Navs. Refer to your instructions - is there a reset button? There may well be a contact number for support in there too.
Unfortunately it is often uneconomical to repair GPS's, and a new unit may be inorder. Get a Garmin or a TomTom this time.


Q. hi my father in law has a navman icn 510 and wants to know if he can get a cleb voice for it, any info you have would give me some real peace, thanks. Jason.

A. No Navman celebrity voices I'm afraid... he'll have to buy a TomTom.


Q. I am finding it difficult to update my Keomo satnav, purchased recently from Maplins. Any help would be appreciated. Ray.

A. This is the only details I could find: http://www.keomo.com/download_file.htm

Reply: Many thanks for the info. I did download the file from the said website but could not work out how to transfer the speedcam update to the satnav memory card. I did finally tried a cut and paste method from my hard drice to the satnav but found the file I had intened to update wa already present. Cheers Ray.


Q. I was looking for updates, and I screwed up something. The language on my Tom Tom GO 510 is no longer in English.

A. Don't worry, we should be able to sort this out. Get into the settings (I think its a spanner icon) then look for the voice options - some lips if I remember correctly. Select that and change your language back. Another option is to press the reset button, which is a small hole (unmarked) on the rear of the device where the holder clicks in, but it can be a bit difficult to find.

Here's the manual for you to have a look at.

Check page 3 of the manual for the reset hole location.

Check page 51 onwards for more details on changing language options.

Reply: When I connect my GO 510 Tom Tom to my computer I now get the following popup windows: Line 2: invalid value for "language" attribute: 'en US': Valid values have RFC 1766 format (eg. 'en' or 'en- US'). AND Line 2: unknown element:  'Sound'. Can this be fixed?  I have tried resetting the 510 and even uninstalled and reinstalled Tom Tom from my computer, but the language on my 510 is still not English. 

A: Check out this thread that may help: http://www.yournav.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10368


Q. I need to travel in Southern and Northern Ireland a lot over the year which is best Sat Nav for coverage. Barry.

A. The maps in North and Southern Ireland aren't that good outside the cities, make sure you have a paper Atlas too. A TomTom One Europe or a Garmin Nuvi 250 would be the models to look at, just be aware of the map problems in Eire.


Q. I cannot put the cd onto my computer, it tells me that a virus has been found, I have tried a replacement cd, please can you tell me what I need to do. thank you. Geraldine.

A. You've lost me, what's your problem?

Reply: I have a tom tom one classic sat/nav, I thought I was able to ask a question. am I right in thinking this, if so I cannot get my tom tom cd (manual) onto my computer, does this explain to you please. thank you. Geraldine.

A. I take it you're trying to your manual onto your computer? You can
view it from this link instead.

Reply: Thank you very very much at least I can now set up my Tom Tom, however I understand until I can put the Tom Tom CD on my computer I will not be able to do any updates, this might seem a simple task to you but please understand I'm a pensioner and find myself very slow at Technology these days, but you have helped me a lot thank you. Geraldine.

A. Why not download the update software instead? Get it here.
Remember, you don't have to update your device, if you're happy with it keep
it as it is. Map corrections do not get downloaded, only Operating System changes.

Reply: Thank you very much I will try that. Your are a great guy thank you. Geraldine

Reply: Hello Rob, it's Geraldine again, my tom tom one classic has died on me although I have had it plugged into the car today. I was looking at the screen from the computer screen manual and it;s just dead, I plugged it into the computer and now after 40 minutes it's still dead, can you please offer any help. thank you kindly Geraldine.

A. Ok, you'll need a pin or the end of a paperclip to reset the TomTom. Take it off the bracket and turn the TomTom upside down. Look for a little hole that says "reset" next to it. Press your pin or paperclip in there, you should feel it "give" a little. Now see if it will turn on.

Reply: You are a Star, just used the paperclip and it turned on thank you again. Geraldine

Q. Hi Rob, my tom tom will not speak to me now, I gathered the battery needs to be charged as I have a battery showing on screen as well as a symbol like a light flash with a red cross over it on the left side of the screen, however one can test the voice and the voice is on I have had it now plugged into the computer for 3 hrs last night and 2 hours this morning and the symbol is still there, can you advise me please as to how long it takes the battery to charge from a computer , and should the tom tom be on or off when charging, and would you advise me to get a home charger, would it charge quicker, thank you in advance. (hope you can make sense of all the above) Geraldine.

A. Not sure if your TomTom will charge from the computer. You could try to buy a home charger, but most shops won't keep them anymore, so you'd have to try and buy one from Tomtom.com. Why not just charge it in the car while you're using it?

Reply: Hi, Yes I think again you are right, I am charging up in the car, I had the sound turned off, read the symbol wrong. thanks a million. Geraldine

Q. Which is the better Sat Nav - the Tom Tom 720T or the Garmin 760T? Paul.

A. They're both good units, so you couldn't go wrong with either.
If you could take advantage of the new Garmin multiple drop route planning, then the Garmin Nuvu 760t is the one to go for.
If you like the idea of free map corrections for a year, then perhaps the TomTom Go 720t.
Me? I'd get the Garmin. More reliable, much better screen mount and that multi drop route planning, which is unique.


Q. Can i download celebrity voices onto this sat nav?? Paul.

A. TomTom's are the only GPS that have celebrity voices.


Q. How long does the tomtoms battery charge last for? Pete.

A. You'll normally get up to 5 hours on a full charge from a new unit.


Q. Can i add new voices to my snooper s600 syrius plus and if so how? Thanks, Jim.

A. As far as my limited knowledge on Snooper GPS systems go it's not possible to change the voices - but its worth asking on the pocketgpsworld forums, someone there might well have your answer.

Q. Just bought a Keomo model KM_RG_PND from Maplins. Had to update the files as the speed camera option didn't work out of the box as promised.
I find that when using it in MAP mode rather than NAGIVATE mode, it often fails to advise both audibly and visually of the speed cameras. These same cameras ALWAYS show up in NAGIVATE mode. Is this a common fault? Any clues as to why it happens to how to rectify it?
Also, why does it sometimes warn of a speed camera which is checking traffic going in the opposite direction?
I have to say that the audible speed camera warning is pathetic on this model - you can only hear it if the volume is turned up fully, but of course then the spoken directions will almost shatter your eardrums! Haven't found any way to increase the warning - I guess it's coded into the CDT file. Incidentally, can I edit this file somehow? If so, with what? Regards Roger.

A. Hi Roger! Sorry, I can't help you with your problems, I haven't used any of the Keomo Sat Navs, so can't really comment. Many Sat Navs give false positives for Speed Cameras facing the wrong way - you'd have to buy something like a RoadAngel Plus to avoid that.
Try contacting Maplin or post a question on the Forums at www.pocketgpsworld.com - somebody else may well have the answer. Sorry I couldn't help.
Regards, Rob.

Reply: Hello Rob, Many thanks for your response!
Yes, I will contact Maplin again, and see if they have any answers. They were unaware that this product did not show speed cameras AT ALL when I first contacted them, and just said download the file from Keomo's website.
Well that didn't work, and had no instructions with it as promised...
However, I persisted and told them if they didn't sort it I'd be wanting my money back! To their credit, they phoned me two days later, and advised of an updated file on their own website.
This new file works in NAVIGATE mode, but I thought I'd see if any other fellow users also had similar difficulties to me, and indeed might be able to throw some light on this device's little quirks! I'm completely new to SatNavs, never having owned or used one before... I guess in some
respects you only get what you pay for, but if the manufacturers make claims as to what their product will do, then they should be held to that claim! Cheers and regards Roger.

Reply: I'll stick your question on the website, that way someone may well post an answer. Good luck, Rob.
PS If they'll give you a refund, chop it in and get a Garmin or TomTom. There's some amazing deals at Amazon at the moment - you can get a Garmin 250 (European and UK maps, Speed-Cameras) for £115! (Click the following link)
Garmin Nuvi 250 Satellite Navigation System With European Mapping


Q. I'm torn between the Snooper Syrius S600 Plus with its speed camera detection facilities and the equivalently priced Tom Tom 520/720 with the FM transmitter and MP3 facilities to link with the car radio. Which would you choose and why?

A. Hi Paul! Going to have to draw a blank on this one.... I've never been able to get hold of a Syrius for a review, and haven't found any definitive reviews on the net either. It looks well specified, but I would recommend you tried one before you buy, then have a go with a TomTom.
I would imagine that the Snooper has the best speed-camera database, but you are paying for it...
If you do go for the Snooper, send us a review and we'll put it up on the website.
Regards, Rob.

Reply: Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply. I think I'll settle for the TomTom.
The latest 'Which' report this month rates the 520 a best buy and has dropped all references to the Snooper having made it a best buy last time together with the 510.
(I only use 'Which' as a guide anyway because their reports are often out of date and feature products which have been discontinued and/or
The only issue I've got with the 520/720 is that according to the TomTom website it doesn't seem to be compatible with my mobile, a Sony Erikson K750i, so using it as a hands free for the phone may not be possible unless something is done about it. Oddly enough the 510 and 710 are compatible with the 750i. If all else fails and I find it a big problem I'll change to a compatible phone.
Any views on which is better value, the 520 or 720 and what tweaks/extras are worth having?
I'll gladly send you a review once I've got the item - it will be interesting because I've never used one before, having always previously relied on maps and a good sense of direction. Regards Paul.

Reply: Hi Paul! Quite a few mobile phones don't appear on the compatibility list- yet might work - so if you can, try it on the specific model you're going to buy. My experience is that some phones work on some units, then not on another!
If you might be going to Europe definitely get the 720, if not, the 520.
It's worth paying the extra for a "Traffic" pack, for about an extra £30 you get a TMC RDS aerial included for live traffic avoidance.
Get a case, and a subscription to TomTom or Pocketgpsworld.com for Speed-Camera updates, and that should be about all you need. Look forward to hearing from you soon, Regards, Rob.

Reply: Really appreciate your help and advice Rob. Sounds like the 520 with the 'extras' will do the trick. I'll let you know how I get on. Best Paul.


Q. I have an original Tom Tom Go. I am looking to replace it with a unit for UK use and with the best screen detail. The wide screens look good but the Tom Tom seem to have so much at the bottom of the screen it makes the "where I am going" area fairly small. Also I would like to see [easily] where I am on a map of a larger area rather than just "streetwise". On the TT GO I can zoom out but it zooms straight back within seconds.
So any suggestions please? Geoff.

A. If you hunt around in the options menus you should find a setting that controls auto-zoom while navigating. This will prevent most Sat Navs from choosing the level and scale of detail depending on your speed... That's why it zooms back in instead of staying where you want it to! Set it to manual and you should be able to set it to the "height" you want, just remember it's dangerous to play with your Sat Nav while driving!
If you want a bigger viewable map area Garmins do have the advantage here - get down to your local retailer and play with any of the Nuvi Range, the widescreen models have especially large screens, without the big "info" area at the bottom that TomToms have.
Which model you go for depends on if you want UK or European maps, Bluetooth for hands-free, etc, I've got a Nuvi 200 and it is very good, maybe the widescreen version of that?
Regards, Rob.

Reply: Hi Rob, Many thanks for the advice.  Navman appears to tell you at the bottom of the screen which road you are actually on.  Does the Garmin do this?  I know Tom Ton Go only tells you the next road you ar going to join! Bluetooth & European maps are of no real interest as I have a portable handsfree on the visor & do not go abroad. Regards Geoff .

A: Hi Geoff! Garmins show the road you're on most of the time, check out these vids for examples: garmin_nuvi_200_250
Sounds to me like you'd be happy with a Garmin 200w, but please try one before you buy, they are quite a bit different for people used to TomToms. I haven't had a long term play with any of the new Navman "S" range, so can't really comment. Regards, Rob.


Q. Hi, We carry out traffic and pedestrian surveys amongst other things, we provide clients with Long/lat co-ordinates of survey sites, or where signs have been erected and need replacement Sat Navs..
In the past I have used a Garmin hand held device that didn't prove to be suitable for using in a vehicle. We have used for the past couple of years a Pioneer 'DVD AV NAVIGATION HEAD UNIT, AVIC-X1BT', this was supplied and fitted by a Company that has now gone bust. Officially this Pioneer unit is not supposed to display the Long/Lat co-ordinates, but if you know how to access the engineers set up pages anything is possible. We had a problem with a unit so it was taken to a different recommended repair centre; the unit was repaired but had lost the on screen Long/Lat, we were informed that Pioneer had not allowed the feature to be re-installed as it was not a user feature.
I have spoken with Pioneer and at the moment they are not being very helpful. The existing units are also used to keep the staff amused as they can watch films whilst on survey; they can be on site for over 24 hours at a time. From my point of view I need something in vehicle that gives accurate positions, anything else is a bonus. We use the navigation mode by entering postcodes; this is very helpful when the address given is 'High Road'! I have even tried looking for military spec 'GPS' equipment; I get bored easily, (after search for a few hours) unfortunately I have other priorities at the moment. Regards Clive.

A. Clive, I think the answer to your needs lies with the extremely capable Garmin Nuvi 660fm, an in-car transferable Sat Nav, with Widescreen, Text To Speech, FM Modulator, Bluetooth, and loads of other extras you probably will not need, but your team will love to play around with.
If you play with any of the new generation of Sat Navs you will be amazed by what they can do, so now I'll explain why the 660 FM will be right for you:
Navigation. The 660fm can navigate to address, Post-Code, Lat / long, Favoutites(previously stored locations), Recent destinations, POI's (petrol stations, hotels, cash-points) or you can even pick out a point on the map.
The 660fm has a beautifully crisp and clear widescreen, visible even in bright sunlight, and you can choose "night mode" for difficult driving conditions.
The unit comes with an RDS-TMC traffic aerial, so en-route it can warn you of congestion and you can choose to be routed around queues. (Free for life.)
The 660fm has a built in FM modulator that acts like a mini radio-station, it can transmit voice instructions to your car stereo speakers, very useful in noisy vehicles or if you want to keep the windows down.
The 660fm reads out road names. So instead of saying "turn left in 200 yards" it says "Turn left onto London Rd." very, very useful on complicated routes and a feature often overlooked.
Automatic re-routing allows diversions to be taken in stride, or you can force the unit to take a different route.
The 660 fm also has the ability to show your current lat/long for recording positions of survey sites or signs. (However I would suggest you buy one of the new generation of Garmin eTrex H (High Sensitivity) hand-held units for site work, they are water resistant and will take a few tumbles unlike the more fragile in-car systems).
Bluetooth gives you built in hands-free calling with compatible mobile phones. A great safety feature. Make and receive calls without having to touch your phone.
Speed camera database pre-installed.
Maps: UK, Eire and the rest of Europe. If you want to expand across the channel, you've got the Sat Nav to take you there.
Price? They seem to go for around £300, plus I guess you'd pay around £50 extra if you wanted an auto electrician to "hard-wire" the power lead in so it didn't use the cigarette lighter - but I wouldn't bother, keep them like they're meant to be, immediately transferable from car to car.
If you're buying for a number of cars I'm a big believer in basic project management - Pilot, Trial, Roll-Out. Treat one of your team to a Pilot with a Nuvi 660fm, see how they like it for a couple of weeks, and if they do, trial another, then roll them out to your whole team.
You may wonder why I haven't mentioned TomTom. Their new units are good, but I still have question marks over their reliabily. I get many e-mails to my site from people asking me how they can fix their TomToms, and next to none about Garmins. Plus Garmin are based in Romsey, Hants, and have an excellent customer service team to deal with any problems. (and I have a Garmin Nuvi 200 ;-) )
Keep your in-dash Pioneer Sat Navs for playing DVD's to while away the small hours.
I hope I've helped you closer to answering your question, but feel free to reply with any more queries you may have.
Please tell me how you get on, it's great copy for my website. Regards, Rob.

Update: Clive I've just received some information about a new Sat Nav that Garmin are about to release - the Garmin Nuvi 760 / 770.

These units do everything the 660fm does, as mentioned in my previous e-mail, but add a few more features, one of which would be very, very useful for your needs:
"In addition, nüvi 760 / 770 automatically sorts multiple destinations to provide an efficient route for errands, deliveries or sales calls. A trip log provides an electronic bread crumb trail of up to 10,000 points, so you can see where you've been on the map."
This is a first for transferable in car sat nav - put in a number of destinations that you need to visit in a day - and the device will work out the quickest and most efficient route between them, saving time, money and petrol.
We've been waiting for this feature for ages, so if I were you I'd hang on and get one of these to trial when they become available soon. Regards, Rob.


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