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Mio 268 GPS

Mio 268

Mio 268 GPS

The Mitac Mio 268 is now a legacy, or obsolete GPS in-car satellite navigation device, but in its time it sold in quite large numbers, and is still available new from some retailers, and lots of second-hand units can be had from the likes of e-bay and other auction sites. Is it worthy of your hard-earned cash?

Slightly larger thatn a Navman 510, the Mio 268 looks quite stylish, and has plenty of navigation buttons to get you started. It comes with an MP3 player as well, so you can load music onto your SD card and play them when not navigating.

The unit has a built in GPS antennae, and comes with everything you need to get started, mount, power-leads, discs, etc, and our unit had maps of the UK fully installed. The unit uses 3d mapping & voice instruction, with input via a stylus on the touch-sensitive screen, or you can use the joy-pad and navigation buttons.

Lacking full post-code look-up, putting destinations into the Mio 268 takes slightly longer than a Tomtom, and the menus take a little getting used to, but you have all the expected features, such as Points of interest, favourites, recent destinations, etc.

In use the controls feel a little "clunky" and the use of a stylus instead of your finger on the screen is a definite disadvantage when compared to tomtoms, but we are looking at a unit that, is now, considerable cheaper.

Our Mio 268 got a GPS satellie fix quickly, and took me on my chosen route with no bother at all, handling wrong turns and diversions with ease. The maps are clear, and although definitely not state of the art, the voice commands were timely, but could have been a little louder.

Is the Mio 268 GPS still worth it as a second hand / discount purchase? It all depends on the price you can get it for. The maps are old, and the user-interface slow and quirky, but I would consider one if you could get it for under £150, any more and I would pay the extrafor a tom tom, navman or Garmin.

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