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Medion PNA 510t In-Car Satellite Navigation

Medion 510t

Medion PNA 510t GPS Review

Ok Mr Medion, your latest 2006 offering is the GoPal 510t, which offers TMC traffic (subscription free congestion avoidance) UK & Ireland Maps, but no Speed Camera Poi's or full Postcode. Is it worth £250 of your money, or would you be better spending your money on a TomTom, Garmin or Navman?

First, looks. This Medion Sat Nav has a functional design, with a touch-screen (stylus) and quick nav keys along the right hand side. Better looking than the old Medion satellite navigation systems, but not on par with Nuvis or Navman.

The in-car screen mount is functional, and plugs straight into the vehicle cigar lighter with no problems. My unit picked up a signal quickly, and it was into the navigation.

The Medion GoPal 510t is a little clunky to use. I hated the "click" from the speaker every time I touched the screen, and the user interface is no where near as easy as equivalent offerings from the other major Satellite Navigation players.

In use, the Medion navigated well, with clear voice instructions, spoken in plenty of time, although I couldn't get the map to change to 3d mode, I guess I should have read the instructions more deeply, but I've come to expect Sat Nav systems that are so easy to use that you don't need an instruction book.

A quick mention for the TMC traffic system, which is a great added extra, often an extra option on other systems. TMC used the information transmitted over the air-waves to warn you of delays, which you can then choose to avoid. The system works well, and is a welcome addition.

So does the extras that come with the Medion GoPal 510t Sat Nav system make it a worthwhile purchase? I think not. Its just too awkward to use, TomToms, Navman and Garmin have interfaces that are so much more intuitive and easy to use. If I had £250 to spend I'd get a Tomtom One, its much better.

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