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Medion MDPNA 175

Medion 175

Medion MDPNA 175 Review

Medion released their 175 Gps in car Satellite Navigation system as their budget entry into the market.

Boasting 3d maps, voice guidance, street level maps of the Uk, built-in Gps receiver, mp3 player & a bargain price. But is it any good?

We've got to start off by saying that this is now a legacy device, obsolete, so its got old maps & an old operating system, so that has to be taken into consideration.

Destinations are entered with a stylus on the touch sensitive screen, & the unit is a little clunky & slow. We can only enter addresses (town, road) or partial post-codes then road. Slow & cumbersome.

Out on the road & the unit picked up a gps signal quickly, and navigated competently. I guess the system just feels old, not as quick & user-friendly as the newer Tomtoms & Navmans.

If you don't mind spending a few days getting used to the awkwardness of using this Gps system, then it would be ok as a bargain or second-hand purchase, but I would still be inclined to put the cash towards a new Tomtom or Garmin i3.

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