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One Way Link Submission Page & FAQ

One Way Links - THE Most Effective Way To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

If you do a quick search on any search engine about one-way linking, it becomes quickly apparent that one way linking is seen as a far superior way to get your site noticed than the traditional reciprocal linking schemes, but one way links are notoriously hard to get, especially if you are in a competitive market.

This site offers one way links by way of tag lines / credits / links at the bottom of an article that you, the link submitter writes. (For an example, click here.)

How does this work? Well, obviously we only link to relevant sites that have material related to ours, but this site is quite eclectic, and has pages dedicated to lots of different subjects, see our site map for all the different things we write about. So you write a short article, review, guide, etc, about the thing or subject of your choice, but related to your web site, submit it to us at our contact page, we publish the article with your link as a credit at the top or bottom of the page (you say where you want it.)

How long should the article be? As long as you want, but at least 300 words, and cover the subject in an appropriate matter (I'll have the final say on this, and reserve the right to refuse or change submissions). It has to be 100% original, we will check, and if the same article appears on any other sites your article will be removed. (Search-Engines penalize duplicate content badly).

What if my site is unrelated to the article I want to write? No problem. Its bad for your SEO if you have a link to your site from an unrelated page, just write your article, then we'll add your link to the appropriate section in our links directory, or create a new section just for you!

Great! But I still need some ideas about what to write! OK! How about a nice, personal review of how you've found working with your new mobile phone, PDA, MP3 Player, GPS, Pocket PC or laptop. If you've just seen a great film or read a good book, write about that. Got a passion about history? How about a summary of some important events. Got some insights into SEO, Ebay, web mastering, etc, write about them. It really can be about almost anything, our "articles" section has some weird and wonderful topics, so most things can be included.

Is there a limit to the amount of articles I can submit, or links I can have? No, for every article you submit you'll get a tag or credit line, with your link in it, but obviously if the article is unrelated to your website then I can't keep adding your link to our links directory over & over. Its bad for you & me!

Are there any subjects I shouldn't write about? Porn, sex, violence, gambling, etc. Anything that you wouldn't be happy for your young children to read. Lets keep it clean. I won't link to any of those sorts of sites either.

What's in it for you? I get valuable, original content to add to my website. I only do this as a hobby, and enjoy reading other peoples work, but time constraints mean I can't make it as large as I would like to. Lots of original content means lots of visitors, which means I make more money from adsense to cover my hosting costs and the occasional take-out Pizza!

Where do I start? Think about what you're going to write about, open up Word, and get typing, then e-mail me the final article, don't worry about pictures, but if you have some, great. In less than 10 minutes you could have a invaluable one-way link to your site!

So, in summary, write an article, e-mail me it (with your link details), and I'll have it up on my site in less than 28 days. Happy writing!


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