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Just Imagine...

Things That Amaze Me And May Fire Your Imagination Too!

There are certain amazing things in our world, that may be happening now, or in the past that prove that truth is stranger than fiction. I've gathered together a few of the things that make me wonder.

VoyagerVoyager Travelling a million miles a day, Voyager 1 is about 9.8 Billion miles away from our sun. Both probes are 30 years old, and are still transmitting data. They'll still be around when the Sun, Earth Moon and the human race are long gone.


HMS CampbletownRaid On St. Nazaire - Operation Chariot Ok chaps, here's the plan. We'll sail an old destroyer over to France with a load of Commandos, smash her into the dock-gates of one the The Nazi's most heavily defended ports, blow it up and escape home in some wooden motor launches, all to prevent the Germans most feared battleship, the Tirpitz, from having access to the Atlantic. It worked.













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