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Get TomTom GPS Sat Nav On Your Apple Ipod Nano 3g

What Other Goodies Can We Unlock Inside Apple's Little Beauty?

I was extremely surprised to find that with the addition of a simple GPS receiver and a Linux app. it was possible to use my new Ipod Nano 3g as an in-car GPS Sat Nav. Ok, the screen is a little small, and entering destinations is a pain, but at least it shows us the way forward in terms of device convergence, and steals a march on the more expensive Ipod Touch and Iphone.

What we've got here is a Linux port running TomTom Navigator, with maps of the UK and speed cameras installed too. Obviously not supported officially by Apple yet, this application should work on both the 4gb and 8gb versions of the Nano, but here it is being tested in demo mode on an 8gb Black version.

Skeptics would argue that its misguided to have all your gadget needs in the one device, thinking about battery life, price, and the fact that if you lose it you're knackered, but if you ask me its better than carrying around a brief case full of electronic widgets and their associated chargers and connection leads.

Detractors have also dismissed the Nano as a PND or multi-platform device simply because of the size of its screen. They point out that most users would be better off buying one of the new TomTom Go Range, the TomTom One v3, or a Garmin. These people obviously have not witnessed the crystal clear screen on a Nano. Ok you may need glasses after looking at it for a couple of hours, but that's a small price to pay for owning such a cool gadget.

What's next? Internet browser capability, wi-fi and Bluetooth - perhaps all are within reach of the versatile Nano. I think I'd like to see a word-processor, spreadsheet and other office applications, mobile blogging would be perfect.

Where can you get this application? Its still in alpha testing I'm afraid, but it should be in shops by the Summer of 2008, allowing for testing and improving, at the moment the GPS reciever really sucks the juice out of the battery too fast.

Watch this space.

Comments / Questions:

That's not possible, starting at ipod nano 2nd generation, apple encrypted the ipod's database with some time of encryption, possibly md5, or SHA-1, which blocks anybody from altering the firmware, except for itunes. It is highly unlikely that you figured out the encryption code, considering it would take a computer probably ten years of brute force to do it.

I used my Apple II.

um ipodlinux isnt supported by the 3g... but it works on my 5g video! nice...

those of u who say fake are idiots. have you not seen the homebrew for psp. all it takes is a little hacking and programming and you can do anything. especially when you have a mod set up.

Thats right!

How did you get linux on your iPod Nano 8gb? Ben.

Sorry Ben, its a joke.

Well in fact there are mods out there that make it possible to connect a bluetooth device into an ipod (but maybe not the nano) then with linux and a shed load of coding it "could" be possible.... Just who would have the time to build it...Weejamer

How did you put gps on it i wana do it to mine. Spike.

Download the file from the link at the bottom of the page and you can have the video of the TomTom Sat Nav playing on your Nano.

The ipod doesn't have any hardware built in capable of sat nav!!!

Total FAKE!!!

It's a freaking video.

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This is of course a pack of lies. Sorry. No really I am. But wouldn't it be great?If you'd like to download the ipod nano video file to fool your friends, click here. (Save the file to your video directory, then add it to itunes and sync your ipod) Or: Read more lies


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