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Apple Ipod 20gb

Ipod 20gb

Apple Ipod 20gb Review

Mp3 players are great, & Apple Ipods are the most famous ones.

After buying an Mp3 player you'll rediscover your music collection, with everything at your finger-tips you'll listen to muisic you haven't heard for years. You'll regain your passion for the music of your youth. You'll feel younger, I promise.

Enough of the gushing sentimentality, is the Ipod 20gb actually any good? Of course. Its excellent. 5000 songs, great sound quality (especially if you buy some decent ones....) and probably the coolest gadget on the planet.

The thumb-wheel is poetry in motion to use, there is nothing else quite like it. To hold an ipod in your hand is to want one, they're that good.

Ok, you've got the money, so get an Apple Ipod 20gb. But what could they do better? Being able to do more editing on the ipod would be great, and its a crime that it doesn't come with a wall-charger.

Itunes is fast & easy to use, but if you have an older pc it will take a while to sort out & convert your songs, but it is so worth it in the end.

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