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Tips for Writing Content for Your Website

Tips for Writing Content for Your Website

Sounds pretty basic eh? Think of an idea for a site, design, then fill it with great content to attract plenty of visitors. Well, it is, but I've found that actually writing the copy can be the hardest part when creating websites.

If, like me, your websites are a hobby, you must choose a subject or subjects that you are interested in. If you don't, after an initial burst of writing, you will find it difficult to motivate yourself to add more pages, the life-blood of any good site.

So, pick something you like to write about, and never be tempted to copy from other sites, you will always be penalised by the search engines. Aim to add a couple of pages a week, & you will have a big site in no time.

Ah, you say, but what's the secret to writing good content? My solution was to get away from the pc.

I never write content in my web editor Dreamweaver. I find it so much better & easier to walk away from looking at the web-page, where it is too easy to get distracted into fiddling with the design or looking at webmaster forums.

I use my old laptop (no distracting internet connection) or my pocket pc. In fact I am writing this article on my pocket pc.

Using this method allows you to focus on the writing, & you will produce more interesting content for your site visitors.

Get away from your pc and you will write better & more. I promise.

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