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Using Free Website Hosting

Using Free Website Hosting

When starting off designing & building your first websites, its very tempting to splash the cash on a .com or .co.uk with the associated costs. If you're inexperienced, the best idea is to start off by using free hosting.

I know that hosting is cheaper than it has ever been, but don't underestimate the mistakes you'll make, and the things you'll learn writing your first websites. Its better to do this on free hosting, then graduate to paid hosting when you're confident & clear with what you want and need from your websites.

Its also possible to make very profitable websites on free hosting - there are no overheads, so everything (apart from your time) is profit. Small, focused websites can attract enough visitors to make a decent income with adsense.

I speak from experience. I am by no means an expert at websites, & I have basically learned (made mistakes) by writing sites on free hosting. I started with the free web-space provided by my Isp, then hunted around for ad-free hosting, and settled with atspace.com.

Free hosting does have its limitations. Bandwidth can be limited at busy times (your pages don't load), you're limited from hosting multimedia files, and often there is a filter that prevents spammers. This means that links or references to certain sites, usually e-bay, are banned.
The name of your site will be something like http://yoursite.atspace.com, not great, but acceptable in my opinion. Some people think thank good search engine rankings are difficult with free hosting, but i have 2 that have a Google PR of 4, & do well for my chosen key-words, & make a good income.

The things I have learnt building my free sites I have applied to my .coms & .co.uks, & i highly recommend this course to all the new webmasters out there.

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