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Using Online Applications Through Your Web Browser

Break Free from Your Specific Machine And Access Your Data From Any Pc, Anywhere! (Oh, And They're All Free!)

We're all very used to having our Desktop or Laptop PC's, installing our own (expensive) software, and moaning when we've got to upgrade it every few years. Then there's the problem of when you need to access your data, but haven't brought your laptop along, or you've forgotten to copy across the correct files.

One solution to this problem is to forget about using applications installed on your PC. Use those installed on other peoples computers and access them via your Web browser. Most of us have used a version of this already - web mail. Maybe you've had or got a hotmail or gmail account? That's a web based application. You go to the Google or Microsoft website, logon to their servers, do your email business, and log off. You can do this from any internet enabled PC in the world.

Why stop there? Why not have other applications to handle your diary, word processing, tasks and other needs, and forget about (or suplement) the dedicated programmes on yoour PC's. Often these online equivelents aren't as powerful, but you'll grow to love their simplicity, ease of use, but most importantly their accessibilty.

Let's take a look at some of the online apps that I use.

Google Mail Screen Shot

First up is Google Mail, a great start to developing your online applications.

Great spam filter, easy to sync with email Outlook, and easy to use.

Break free of your companies or ISP's email .com, and get a gmail or google mail address.

Google Calendar Screen Shot

This is Google Calendar. Again, totaly acccessible just through your browser, sow you can book in meetings, checks holidays, etc from anywhere with an Internet PC.

Import custom calendars and Outlook files.

The only thing missing is a decent Tasks Manager - but if you visit Remember The Milk (See Below) they've got some great Google Apps Plug-ins to fill that gap.

Google Docs. Simple Online Word Processor that can't beat Microsoft Word in terms of Power, but is more than good enough for letters, minutes and lists. If Google added Tables it would be perfect.

Remember, all your documents are stored in Googles Servers, so they're safe and secure.

Documents can be printed out or emailed to whover you want.

Google Docs -Sheet Need a spreadsheet - Google Docs does that too, and...
Google Presentation screen-shot Presentation, an online version of Powerpoint - you can import .ppt too.

As we've said previously Google Calendar is sorely lacking a tasks management system, so until the big G sorts it out we'll have to rely on a great site called "Remember The Milk!".

This is a great task / to do management tool, that can be configured to work with Gmail via a Firefox Plug In and Google Calendar too!

So there you have it, a quick overview of the online applications I use. All free, all secure and all childs play.

Why not join me and have a go too - you might like it!

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