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Using Your PDA to Write Web Content

How To Use Your Psion Pocket PC to Write Content

All this talk of getting away from the pc in order to help you write more content for your websites, and I haven't talked about how you actually do it easily.

The way I write content away from my pc is by using my Psion Revo, an old PDA that has a fantastic keyboard, great wide screen, and a long battery life. If you can pick up one cheap (with the docking cradle) then the Psion Revo is a great device. Its light, easy to use, and has no distracting functions to stop you writing web content. Ok, it could do with a backlight and a spell checker (you'd get those with a Psion 5mx) but it does the job well enough for me.

Once you've got your Psion Pocket PC, plug the docking station into the serial port on the back of your pc & plug it into the mains. Charge up the Psion Revo Pocket PC by placing it in the docking station, you should see the red and green lights come on.

Now you need to go to Psion's website and download the Psiwin software. If you have trouble installing it, just restart your pc and it should all be ok.

The essence to adding content quickly to your websites is to use templates. Have an empty copy of a common webpage that you use, ready with the menus, navigation, etc, where all it needs is the text adding.

Write the content on your Psion PDAs using the Word application, save it when done. Flash up your desk-top, slot the Revo into its docking station, then PsiWin will detect the Psion. Click on the My Psion icon on your desktop, and you'll be able to navigate to your document on the Psion. Double click on it, then choose "convert". MS Word will open up, with your document in it, so you can then spell and grammar check it.

Now open up your Web Creation software, and open your blank template. Save it with your chosen name, and then copy then text from Word over to the template. Update the links on other pages to link to your new page, then upload it all to your server. Done!! Easy!! Now go for it and get writing!'

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