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How to Keep Adding Content to Your Website

How to Keep Adding Content to Your Website

If you're an amateur webmaster like myself, adding more and more content to your site(s) gets difficult as time goes on.

Sometimes I find it really difficult to think of useful things to add, and my websites don't change for weeks, so I'd thought I'd share a few little secrets that help me to keep adding valuable content.

Firstly, any original informative content that you add to your site is a good thing, so don't be scared about going off on a tangent with articles that are different from your websites main subject. These "alternative" pages will pull in a wider audience to your website and they may well be interested in the other things you've got to say. Starting up different trains of thought also encourages you to broaden the spectrum of your site - you may find a deep vein of ideas in this alternative direction.

Next, get mobile with your content. Use your desktop for designing your website & uploading it, but get a hand-held so you can write copy anywhere. My favourite device at the moment is an old Psion Revo. It has a good keyboard, wide and clear screen, good Word application (but no spell checker!) and files are easily transferred from it to my desktop for insertion into my websites. Using a basic handheld to enter content removes the distractions of internet surfing, checking stats and generally faffing about when you should be writing. Go mobile with copy creation and you'll be writing more, guaranteed!

Always think that each page you write gets you one step closer to your goal. I my case that's earning enough to do this website business full time and leave the rat race. I sometimes turn that on its head and say to myself if I don't add any content today, I'm one day further away from giving up work and spending more time with my family.

Find inspiration from the things you've bought, have around the home or have borrowed from friends and family. If you're interested in it, there's a good chance many other people out there in internet land will be too. Don't write anything off as boring. Once you start writing you'll be surprised at how much you will bring to a seemingly mundane subject.

Finally, keep going. Developing successful websites takes a long time, a site could take 2 to 3 years to reach maturity with enough incoming links to make it successful - so if you've been adding good content to it all along, when success comes, it will come in droves.

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