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Free Web Hosting, A Cautionary Tale...

Make Sure You Watch Your Websites!

As you might have read in one my previous articles, I'm a big fan of using free web hosting to develop your website building skills, and with a bit of promotion and link building they can be nice little earners, with the only overheads your time.

A cautionary tale though, you have to be careful with free web hosting (Atspace.com), as I found out recently.

I was just browsing some adsense stats from my older sites, and I had noticed that although they had never been great earners, they now were only earning a few pennies a day. I hadn't looked at the visitor logs for these sites for months, let alone visited them.

Being too engrossed in my larger, higher earning sites I had left these others to wither, so I thought I'd have a quick look at them. To my horror I quickly found that most of these sites pages had disappeared. A quick visit to the free web hosts site & I discovered that they had added another content filter that blocked any pages that had Amazon ads on - which was all the missing pages!! I knew that this free web host didn't like e-bay ads, but originally Amazon was allowed. Disaster! For God how knows how many months, my sites had been missing most of their pages, and I had lost out on hundreds of dollars of revenue!

It took me about an hour to remove all the offending ads from my sites, and they appeared again. Phew! Hopefully the links will still be working, Google will re-index them, and the visitors will return, and with them more revenue.

The moral of this story? Visit all of your sites at least once a week, and check your stats regularly, act on anything suspicious so you don't end up in the situation that I did. Worse case will be that these sites don't recover. Hopefully they will, I'll keep you informed.

Keep an eye on all your sites, no matter how old or small, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!

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