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Frontpage vs Dreamweaver

Frontpage vs Dreamweaver

Which is the best WYSIWIG editor to develop HTML web-pages? I have used both Frontpage & Dreamweaver, and believe I can answer that question.

Frontpage is an excellent tool for the beginner. If you've used MS Word, or any Microsoft application, the tools and commands of Frontpage will seem natural & logical. In a matter of hours you will be creating your own web-pages that look professional & smart.

I have used Frontpage for years, and have always liked how easy it was to use, ignoring the fact that it created "bloated" code, and wasn't preferred by webmaster professionals. It worked for me.

I must have had a copy of Dreamweaver MX for a couple of years before I seriously started to use it as a web-design tool. I had many false starts, but just couldn't get past how different it was from Frontpage,so I kept going back to my old favourite.

ABout 6 months ago I decided to really have a go with Dreamweaver. I bought a book, the Dreamweaver MX Bible, & spent a week getting to grips with the programme. What a revelation! I found the design and time-saving features of Dreamweaver inspirational, and now I wouldn't go back to Frontpage.

So what is so good about Dreamweaver? Well, for a start, the FTP interface actually works properly, so I can update my programmes without having to go into a seperate FTP programme. The Library feature allows me to update common sections of pages across large websites very quickly. The use of layout tables makes design a dream, where before it was possible to tie Frontpage in knots with nested tables that never came out right.

Another great feature of Dreamweaver that saves me loads of time is the ability to resample images on a webpage without having to use a seperate imaging programme, how cool is that?

My advice to any budding webmaster or user of Frontpage is this: Get a copy of Dreamweaver. Learn to use it, it will seem horrible at first, but when you're used to it you will save so much time in making your web-pages, and web authoring will become a joy again.

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