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My E-Bay Sellers Auction Diary - Part 3

Turning A Profit On eBay From Car Boot Purchases

Continued from part 2.

Here we go again - yet more items that I've bought, usually at the local car boot sale, that I list of the internet auction house in order to make a little profit. My MO is pretty much fixed now, using 5 or 7 days auctions, always ending on a Sunday evening, the peak viewing time for buyers. On this page are a couple of howlers that I bought at the booty without checking the price on eBay, so it should be interesting to see if I make any money on them at all.

Nokia N Gage

Now I don't think this will make a profit, but I'm going to have a go anyway. It's a Nokia N Gage mobile phone / game deck that I bought from the car boot for £40 - too much by looking at the going rate on eBay, but I didn't check before I bought it. However I don't use it, so I might as well clear it out and use the cash for something else. It's finishing on a Sunday night after a 7 day auction, starting at 99p. This sold for £49.00 inc p&p.

Netgear Wireless Router Ha! Another one of my mistakes. I bought this wireless router from the car boot for £10, thinking it would work with my adsl modem, but unfortunately it's a cable router, and only works with a telewest account! Best rid of it, 7 day auction, 99p start, ending on Sunday night. This sold for 16.50 inc p&p.
Psion Modem This Psion travel modem came bundled with the Revo I bought for £10 - so I'll be pleased with whatever I get. 99p start, 7 days, ending Sun evening. This sold for £9.52 including postage and packaging.
X-Wing Game I bought this Star Wars X-Wing Collectors edition PC CD-Rom game for 99p - and it's up for the same on a weeks auction, Sunday night end as usual. This sold for £7.50 inc. p&p.
Psion Revo Boo Hoo! I'm selling my beloved Psion Revo 8mb! But if I'm to be able to afford a Psion 7 or Netbook, eBay better deliver the goods! I bought this for £10 a few months ago, and it's given my great service ever since, so I hope it will make a good profit. 7 day auction, bidders start off at 99p! This auction went for £25.00 inc p&p.
Psion 5 8mb Another of my favorite Psion's up for sale - this time it's a boxed Psion 5 8mb. Bought from the booty for £25, I've added a 64mb CF card for extra storage, so with a bit of luck we should make a nice little earner. By the way, all the above auctions are happening 3 weeks before Xmas, so it will be interesting to see if that makes the going prices better or worse. 99p start, 7 day auction, ends late Sunday night. £37.00 inc p&p.

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