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My E-Bay Sellers Auction Diary - Part 2

The Quest to Turn Car-Boot Bargains into Profitable Sales Continues......

Continued from part 1.

Time to take stock. I've had some great profitable auctions, and some that lost me money, but what have I learnt so far? On eBay it's important to research what you're going to sell if you're buying to sell on at a profit. How many are listed on eBay, how much do they go for, etc.

Examples of where I've got it wrong are old Microsoft Operating systems (pre Win 98) and Corel Linux, both of which if I'd checked eBay before I paid my cash at the car-boot sale I would have known that they weren't worth anything. Just yesterday I got the buyers "red mist" at a car-boot. I saw a mint Nokia N Gage phone, with 2 games, on sale for £50. I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not, as I hadn't done any research into what they sell for, but I was sure it would go for a few quid more than the seller wanted, so I knocked him down to £40 and rushed home only to find they only go for £35 max, so there is no way I'll make a profit on it. Lesson learnt, but at least I've got a new phone to play with.

Another example is a Psion 5 I bought a couple of weeks ago, for £20 at the boot sale, in the box, mint. I thought I had a real bargain, but in reality that's what they go for on eBay too, so it always pays to know your prices inside out. Maybe I'll invest in some internet air-time on my new N Gage phone so I can check eBay prices on the move.... Anyway, the best way to learn is to dive in with more auctions, so here we go!

MS Publisher 2002A great one to start with, MS Publisher 2002 (Full) purchased from the car-boot for £11 (I know, expensive for me!) it's starting off at 99p, on a 7 day auction, ending late Sunday evening. Similair examples for for upwards of £40, especially Full Versions, like this. Update: Sold for £54 inc post and packaging, very nice!




MS Frontpage 2002Another piece of Microsoftt software, this time Frontpage 2002, starting Sunday night for 7 days at 99p. Again, similair examples go for at least £30, and as I only paid £1 for it, anything over £20 would make me happy. Update: This sold for £21 including P&P, not bad, but could have been better. The pictures on my listing were a bit naff, but it's still a good profit.




Motorola PhoneThis a835 Motorola phone is another one of my wobbles.... purchased at the car boot for £4, it won't work with my Orange Sim card, so onto eBay it goes. Starting at 99p, again on a 7 day auction finishing Sunday evening, I'll be surprised if I get my money back! Update: I had to remove this phone from Ebay, I got to test it with a 3 sim & found the memory was corrupted beyond repair - even with reformatting. Ah well, the perils of the car boot!



Psion 5mx HandbookPsion 5mx users manual.... I know, but a profits a profit and as I sold my 5mx, I might as well, hopefully get a couple of quid for this.. starting Sunday night, 99p starting price. Update: This sold for £2.50 including p&p. Hmmm....



OS Osaris PalmtopThis is an Oregon Scientific 8mb Palmtop PDA. It's basically a Psion 5 with a smaller screen, but it runs all the same software. I bought this with the pc connector lead & stylus from the car boot for £5. It's starting on Sunday night on eBay for 7 days with bids from 99p. Psion 5 can go for £20, so lets see what we get for this little beauty! Update: This sold for £38.50 plus £3 p&p to a UK bidder - £33 profit!



Aliens Tribes Graphic NovelRight, it's time to see if we can make some money out of this Aliens Graphic novel, Tribes, bought from the car boot many moons ago for £1.00. Its the usual drill, up on Sunday night for 7 days, starting at 99p. Couldn't see any others on eBay at the time of listing, so it may go for a few quid if enough people are interested. Update: This sold for £2.67 plus p&p. Poor.




TomTom City-MapsPicked up this copy of TomTom European City-maps for the amazing price of 75p. Its says on the cover that it will work with Pocket Pc's, Psions and Palms, so plenty of bidders should be interested. 7 days, Sunday night start, 99p bids. Update: This sold for £11.72 plus p&p. Great!





SHARP HC4600Bought from the car boot for £12, this Sharp hc4600 colour pocket pc, could be a good earner. No serial lead or charger, but a leather case, instructions & docking station should make sure plenty of people are interested. The key when listing a rare item like this is to ensure you mention similair, more popular or newer models, in this case Psion & Jornada. I'm taking a bit of risk with the timing of this, it's only a 3 day listing, ending late on Sunday night, starting at 99p. Update: This item sold for £44.50 inculding post and packaging. Very Good!


Psion 3a 2mbSelling one of my beloved Psions.... but I havn't used it since I bought this one from the car boot for £2. It's a 3a, 2mb, in excellent condition, and I've thrown in a free chess game. Again, it's on a 3 day auction, starting at 99p and ending late on Sunday night. We're getting close to xmas now, so prices are going up. Let's see how high. Update: This Psion sold for £29.55 inc. P&P. Nice little earner!


Continues in part 3....

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