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My E-Bay Diary - From Car Boot to Cash!

Or How I Make Money On The Internet With Just A Stroll On A Sunday With The Family!!

I'm no E-bay power seller, but I do like to sell the odd thing on ebay.co.uk, especially things I have picked up at our local Sunday Morning Car Boot Sale. I'll say it again, I'm no expert, but I thought it might be a good idea to list my sales as I go along, so that you might find some of this information useful.

I've been doing this for a couple of years, but unfortunately ebay sales records only go back 60 days.... so there won't be much on here to start off with, but I'll add more on as I progress. I'll try & put a picture up of each lot, how much I paid for it, how long the auction was, when it finished, and how much I got for it. Right, lets start!

Frontpage, note the nice picture!First Up is a nice example of a boxed version of Microsoft Front Page 2002, which I picked up from a car-boot in June. I paid £4 for it, after checking the CDS were ok, then put it up on a 7 day auction (99p start), ending on a Sunday Night at 2100 ( 9 pm.)

How much did I get? an amazing (I think!) £56, plus £3 to cover postage and packaging. Great!

Why did it do so well? It is genuine Microsoft Software, with the product keys, and people know that these are hundreds of pounds new. The auction finished at the best time, Sunday night, and I used some nice pictures to highlight the product. The success of this auction spurred me on to find more software bargains.....

Office XPNext up is Microsoft Office XP Professional Edition with Publisher. Bought for £1 (!) its up once again as a 7 day auction (99p start) finishing late Sunday evening. There's quite a bit of competition for these (ie lots are for sale) but I'm expecting big things. I'll update with the final selling price. Update: This auction was subject to a Microsoft Vero intervention, which means they force ebay to remove the item because it should only be sold with the PC it was originally sold with. Strange as others, the same, are still up for auction. Just watch out if you're trying to sell any year or version of Office Products!


MS WorksThis is a brand-new, sealed example of Microsoft Works 2001 (ver 6.0). I paid £2 for it from the car boot, hoping to make a nice profit on e-bay. Its on for 7 days, starting at 99p, finishing Sunday at about 2130.

Not many of these on e bay today, so hopefully it'll make a few quid.

Although you can't see it here, I always put a (blurred) picture of the cd-key in my listings, so potential buyers know they can use it properly .

Update: This sofware sold for £8.23 including P&P, a nice little profit!


MS Publisher 98What I'm selling here is a second hand version of Microsoft Publisher 98, bought from the car-boot for a princely sum of £1...... Its doing my usual thing, going up for a 7 day auction and ending on Sunday Night. Starting bid is 99p.

Update: This sold for £13.02, again an ok profit. It may have done more, but I didn't realise that on the night it was ending the next day was a bank-holiday, so lots of potential bidders may have been away on holidays. Lesson learnt.


Windows NTWindows NT Workstation, with Cds and floppies. When I bought this for £1 I wasn't sure what it was - but now I know its the OS between Win 95 & 98. Hmmm. Update: I wasn't sure if it would sell even at 99p, and sure enough it didn't, but Maybe I'll list it in the winter,when historically there are more bidders on ebay.



R/C ChassisThis isn't a car-boot bargain, but a spare chassis that I found in my attic from my very old electric car collections. Its a "Graupner Ishimasa 1/12 FWD Chassis FF-12E 917-30kl" and i've thrown in some spare clear bodies. I've put it up, as usual, on ebay on a Sunday Evening, for 7 days, starting at 99p. I've no idea what I'll get for it, as there are no other items like it in any auction. We'll see! UPDATE: This sold for £14.94 plus £10 P&P to the States, not bad.


Colditz Board GameI bought this Escape from Colditz board game from the car boot sale for £1. The box is a bit tatty, and one of the pawns is missing. Good examples go for about £20-£30 on ebay, so I'm optimistic we'll make a small profit. Its up on a 7 day auction starting late on Sunday night, 99p gets your first bid. Update: This sold for £10.50 plus £8 p&p to someone in the USA, a good reason to always make your lots on ebay available to overseas bidders.



Donkey Kong 2 Game and WatchThis is another of my old toys, a Nintendo Donkey Kong 2 Game and Watch. Up for 7 days, starting on Sunday night, starting price is 99p. Tidy examples go for over £30, so I might get lucky. Update: This sold for £35.01, a nice little earner!




Psion 5mx with cracked screenI debated long and hard about selling my beloved Psion 5mx 16mb on ebay, even though it had a cracked screen and I had replaced it with a 5, but when I saw damaged "spare & repair" Psion 5mx's going for more than the £10 I originally paid for it (at the car boot!), I thought I might as well, it'll fund my ongoing R/C projects and hobbies. Starting price is 99p, starting late on a Monday night this time, for 7 days. Fingers crossed! Update: This sold for £16.24 inc. p&p, more than I paid for it in the first place. Thanks to ebay!


Corel LinuxBought at the car boot for a massive £4, I think I'll struggle to make my money back, but this boxed copy of Corel Linux Operating System is up for 7 days, starting on Sunday night, with a starting price of 99p. Update: Well, it didn't sell, so I might wait until the winter months and relist, or use it myself.




Nintendio Game & Watch LifeboatThis Nintendo Game & Watch Lifeboat is on ebay for 7 days, again starting late Sunday evening, starting at 99p, should do well, its from 1983 and you only see the odd one come up, and almost none in as good a condition as this! I've also made this available to Japanese bidders - there should be a lot of Nintendo collectors over there! Update: This sold for a massive £62.30 inc p&p to someone in new Zealand..... a great auction on ebay, and a good advert for making some of your auctions available world-wide!


My eBay sellers diary contines in part 2.

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