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Writing Content vs Building Links When Your Resources Are Limited

Is Google Also Trying To Remove The Importance Of Recoprocal and Paid Link Strategies?

Every amateur webmaster eventually hits a wall or writers block when it comes to content creation - the best of us simply run out of ideas for new pages.

This happens to me all the time, and usually the way it works itself out is by me coming up with a new subsection for the site, which normally will spawn several new pages of original text.

There are times however when I can't think of anything useful worth adding - and my mind slips towards website marketing.

Now I write my websites as a hobby. Yes, they do bring in a little bit of cash, nothing like enough to give up my day job, but I enjoy writing them and watching them grow. My problem is time and money - with a full time job and family my sites will always be updated in a piecemeal fashion, and I have no budget for paid links or an adwords campaign - it all has to be organic.

So this is the crux. Is it better to spend my limited time building content, up to the 500 page target, or should I be spending more time developing free reciprocal and one way links.

A further spanner in the works is the belief among many webmasters that reciprocal links that reside in directories or separate parts of sites are being down-graded in importance by Google, and they are even now trying to go after paid links by asking webmasters to tag any paid links on their sites with the nofollow tag. This could mean that Google are developing a new algo to weed out paid links from affecting the serps.

These measures all seem to be trying to remove all the pagerank influence from the link strategies we have been using over the past few years, which means (I think) that Google is attempting to turn the clock back in the way that different websites promote each other. The web originally was all about websites linking to each other because that link was purely there to allow the browsers to find more relevant information about the subject on that site. Then search engines like Google came along and needed a way to rank sites, so they looked at which sites had the most links pointing at them, and put those sites at the top of the rankings.

Then people discovered you could make money out of websites, and lots if you were at the top of the rankings, so webmasters used all sorts of techniques to gather links, gaming the system and spoiling the search engine results.

Anyway, it appears that now we have to forget about reciprocal and paid links. We need to link naturally from within our body text to related sites. We need to rely on other sites naturally linking to ours to gain pagerank and better search engine rankings.

So what I think I'm saying is that I need to concentrate on writing good content, with hyperlinks built into the body text, and forget spending my limited time searching for reciprocal links.

A big part of this is getting away from the PC to write content, like I am now, writing on my new XDA Mini S Pocket PC, so I don't get distracted looking at my Adsense stats and write more good articles.

Wait a minute; I can access Adsense using the wireless connection on my XDA......

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