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Is Your Content Too Good For Adsense?

Low Click Through Rates Could Lead To More One Way Links...

Here is an interesting proposition: could your content be too good for Adsense? What I mean is that is your website so interesting and complete that your visitors find all they need from what you have written and do not click on your Adsense adverts?

This may sound preposterous at first - but from personal experience I know that extra bottom navigation and pages that keep your visitors attention have a lower click through rate than normal, so the question might be, is this a bad thing?

In the short term, of course. Your earnings go down because you are getting less clicks, so it's tempting to pull whatever changes you have done to reverse this - but wait! There is a rather odd term knocking around the webmaster forums at the moment: 'Link-Bait'. It refers to features or content in a website that will naturally generate links to your site, whether that is from other sites, forums, blogs, bookmarks, etc. It is very difficult to create Linkbait - or excellent content as it should be known. If you write a web page that you think is fab, and your readers will too, don't write off what you've done just because the Adsense click-thru rate is poor. What you have created is excellent content that will attract that elusive but essential SEO staple, the one-way incoming link.

Over time the Page Rank of that page, and your site, will increase, leading to better SERP results and therefore more traffic, which will lead to higher Adsense revenue.
So the moral of this story is that excellent content can lead to poor Adsense click-through rates, but that will lead to more incoming links, which means more visitors and revenue, which is much better in the long term!

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