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Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

Used Sparingly & In The Right Place, The Amazon Scheme Can Earn Your Website Valuable Extra Income

Amazon, along with Google & eBay, among the world's best known web-brands, and you can have a piece of it with their Associate programme.

What this means is that you can advertise products that are sold on Amazon on your website, and if a visitor clicks on the ad, goes to Amazon and buys the item, you get a cut of the sales.

Amazon is famous for books and videos, but now they also do much, much more. Toys, cameras, mp3 players, house-hold goods, Sat Nav, Pocket PC's, Phones.... The list goes on. There will be something on Amazon that will be related to your website that you could sell. Great!

Now the bad news. Your cut of any sale will be about 5%, or £7(for expensive electronic goods), whichever is lowest. Oh, and whoever click-throughs must buy something that day, or you will not get credited.

So the Amazon affiliate scheme has its drawbacks. Don't expect to make thousands (or even hundreds) unless you have a lot of traffic, and I mean loads, at least 5000 page views a day and you might get an ok return - depending on your chosen niche.

Now I've tried to "out Amazon, Amazon" by using a linking strategy to get of the first page of the serps for "widget books", but the return was not worth the effort.

I suggest that to make Amazon worthwhile, put links on reviews or articles about expensive (over £100) items, such as Sat Nav, Phones & other electronic items that people feel safe buying on the web.

Don't worry about using their fancy ad creation features either, just stick with a text link at the end of your article that says something like "Buy widget X from Amazon.co.uk". Then people know what they're clicking on, and you'll make the odd sale.

Only put the Amazon Affiliate links on popular pages, so check your logs to make sure they're getting enough visitors to make it worth your while.

DO NOT COVER YOUR SITE IN AMAZON LINKS! The search engines will just assume that your website exists solely to shift people to Amazon and you'll get heavily penalised.

So, in summary, only put Amazon Associate links on popular pages about high value items. Always use plain text links that are obvious to the visitor that they are clicking on them to buy, and use the Amazon links sparingly so your site doesn't get dumped out of Google for being a "thin affiliate."

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