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Adsense Tips #1

Adsense Tips #1

Googles Adsense programme enables you to easily place context sensitive ads on your website. Adsense will analyse your page and display adverts that should appeal to the people reading your material.

With Adsense you get paid "per click", so you are in efect being paid for making your visitors leave your website and travel to someone elses.

To make the most out of Adsense your web-pages must be focussed on specific subjects, making it easier for Google to select appropriate Ads. You must also place the ads where your visitors will click on them, bearing in mind that people visit many sites, with many ads, and are used to ignoring them. Lastly you should used the Adsense competative ad filter to remove low-paying ads which simply direct people to e-bay, amazon or MFA (made for adsense) sites. It is actually better to have fewer ads on your page that pay well, are that also will more benefit to your visitors.

To make your pages more focussed, make them smaller and address different issues on different pages. A good guide is that a web-page should be no longer than 1 and a half times as long as the average monitor. If it is, simply divide that page into two. Remember to use the Title and Sub-Headings to describe your content properly, and repeat key-words in the body-text.

To place your ads where your visitors will click on them is a fine art developed with lots of trial and error, but a good guide is that if the ad looks similair to your body-text, it is more likekly to be clicked on. Work your ads into your navigation menus, and the body text. Avoid borders around your ads or gharish colours. Experiment with Adsense in different places, and think about ads yourself have clicked on, and where they were placed.

Using the competative ad filter is contraversial. Why block good paying ads? One of the most important reasons is that E-bay, Amazon & MFA ads aren't very useful to your visitors. They will already know about E-bay & Amazon, and if you want to direct them there why not just start your own affiliate programme and get more of a commision. MFA ads are just bad news. They only pay pennies, and direct your hard-earned visitors towards sites that are only there to make them click on ads, and offer little or no useful content.

Experiment with adsense, and you will increase your income, but always remember to abide by the Adsense TOS.

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