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Adsense Tips #2 - Two (!) Interesting Thoughts.....

How To Deal With Poor Performing Pages & What Good Adsense Content (Could) Look Like

While lurking in the Google Adsense forums of WebmasterWorld, I recently came across a couple of good ideas that I thought would benefit my readers on this site, if you are thinking how to better and increase your Adsense revenue. The first thread discussed how to address the problem of poor performing pages (in terms of clicks or cost per click) and the second talked about what good Adsense copy might look like.

Ok, to start with lets look at pages that seem to perform poorly, whether it be through low cost-per-click or a poor click through rate. You don't need to be tracking your data through Adsense Channels to see this - just look at the Ads on your web pages and ask if they're relevant to the content. If they're not that relevant then they're probably not going to get as many clicks as your more highly targeted pages. There is a strong argument for removing Adsense from these pages (unless you can improve the body text so that the ads become more relevant) because Ad impressions that reduce your click-thru rate are telling Google that that part of your site isn't very good - so Google may reduce the amount you get per click on the rest of your site. There is however an alternative. On those pages that are poorly targeted by Adsense, why not serve your own ads, redirecting visitors to other, higher paying pages? I've put an example at the top of this page where normally I'd have an Adsense leader board. I've used a basic animated GIF, but I think it's quite good, and I'll be using similar ads to highlight new pages, on poorly targeted pages, or on pages where the bottom adsense block doesn't appear. Definitely worth thinking about for your sites too. (To see how I made the ad, read my article on making your own animated banner adverts.)

The next item discussed was about the actual copy or body text for Adsense pages. What should you be aiming to create, or how should you edit your content to maximize revenue for your site? One clever webmaster came up with the phrase "promise lots, deliver less." After thinking about this for a few minutes, it really makes sense. If for example your writing an article about Adsense Tips, you don't want visitors to read your article and think "great, I've found everything I need to know here". You want them to think "well that was a great article, but I want to know a little bit more... so I'll click on one of these ads...." You see where I'm coming from? You visitors appetite for information must not be completely satisfied by what you've written, they must want more, and that's why they click on your ads. Great idea, and you can implement this easily by chopping your pages into smaller chunks, so that instead of clicking on your "next page" link, they click on an ad instead....

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