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My 2000ad / Judge Dredd eBay Auction Diary

Turning A Job Lot of 2000ad / Judge Dredd Comics / Annuals & Pictures Into a Profit - Plus A Nice Suprise!


Now I was a big fan of 2000ad and Judge Dredd in the early 1980's - I faithfully bought the comic every week, building up a nice collection of over 500 issues, but I never bothered trying to sell them because they don't go for much and it would take so long to put them on. However, at our local car boot sale last Sunday I came across a chap selling a load of Titan Graphic Novels, annuals and 3 signed pictures. The Titan graphic novels are collection of stories from 2000ad, usually with one story-line, and are a great addition to any collection.

I was attracted to the sheer quality of what this chap had for sale - they were in very good condition, plus he had 3 signed pictures from 2000ad artists, which I thought could be a good seller on eBay. I know how passionate fans of 2000ad are about their subject, but to start off with I only bought the pictures and a couple of graphic novels. After looking around the booty for an hour or so, I couldn't resist going back and seeing how much he wanted for the rest.

All in all, for £30 I got 27 graphic novels, 8 annuals and 3 signed pictures. I never normally would risk that sort of money to maybe get a profit on eBay, but I thought it was worth a punt, if I didn't get any money for them at least I could add them to my collection!

After getting them home I couldn't resist reading the graphic novels, and to amazement I found that a few of them were actually signed by the original artists and / or writers - now this would add many £'s to their value - what a great surprise! The seller hadn't mentioned this at the time, so I guess he must have forgotten. (These books date from the mid to late 1980's).

So, as I sell these books I'll list them below and we'll see how much profit I'll make at auction. They will all be on 7 day auctions, starting and finishing late on a Sunday evening, starting with bids of 99p. Fingers crossed!

Strontium dogFirst up we've got an A4 hand drawn original picture of Strontium Dog by famous 2000ad artist Carlos Ezquerra. The picture is signed at the bottom, and as Carlos is one of 200ad's most loved artists, I'm expecting big things from this auction. You just don't see this sort of thing come up on e-bay - at the time of listing there were no other autographs at all relating to 2000ad or Judge Dredd. Update: Sold for £49.90 - Costs Covered already and with profit too! Amazing!


Robo JawsThis signed picture is signed by a lesser known 2000ad artist - Kevin O'Neil, he drew the ABC warriors and a few other strips - but it might make some money, but the paper is now very yellow. We'll see. Update: Sold for £18.20.



Judge DreddNow although drawn by Colin Macneil, who isn't that well known, the subject of this signed picture is Judge Dredd, probably Britains most famous comic strip (anti) here - so that should make it worth a few pounds, but as there was nothing like this on e bay at the time of listing, I really have no idea how much it could go for. Update: Sold for £12.70.



City of the DamnedThis lot is a Titan graphic novel, featuring the adventures of Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson as they travel into the future to prevent the destruction of Mega-City One. What makes this auction special is that the book has been signed by both Alan Grant, who wrote it, and the artist, Steve Dillon. I've included pictures of their signatures in the listing, so who know's what it might go for. Again, at the time of listing, no other auction had signed 2000ad books or comics. A good or bad sign? I guess we'll find out on Sunday! Update: Sold For £22.54! Wow!


ChopperThis is a Fleetway graphic novel, all about Marlon Shakespeare, aka Chopper, on his quest to win the ultra violent Sky Surfing Championship in Mega-City Two. Seen by many as possibly 2000ad's best story to date, this is a quite rare item and could go for a few quid. Update: Sold for £10.51.




BlockmaniaAnother Titan graphic novel - this one's called Block Mania, featuring Judge Dredd. It's the prelude to the Apocalype War, where the Sov's attempt to cripple Mega-City One by making it's citizens fight each other - can Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson save the Day? (And make me a nice profit?) Update: Sold for £9.51.




Judge Dredd #1Judge Dredd 1 - the first Titan compilation of the Galaxies greatest lawman, featuring some great art by Brian Bolland, and the usuall fantastic story-lines from Wagner & Grant. I'm not sure how much it will make at auction, here's hoping! Update: Sold For £2.99. (Booo!)




Dredd#2Judge Dredd Volume 2 - more great stories from Mega City One, and Judge Dredd. Update: Sold for £8.01.





DR & QuinchD.R & Quinch's Guide to life - yet another Titan graphic novel, this one written by Allan Moore, so there could be quite a bit of interest. Update: Sold for £3.70.





Halo Jones #3The Ballad of Halo Jones - vol. 3. Written by Alan Moore, and illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Ian Gibson, Halo Jones is the story of a young woman dragged through a war and what happens to her. A great titan graphic novel , it should fetch a few quid. Update: Sold for £2.99.




Right, that's the first batch on eBay, I'll see what they go for before I list the rest. Update: The above lots sold for £141 - over £100 profit! Great!


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Hi i`ve just found a annual of dandy & beano in my loft. (great stories from the first fifty years) 1990. Could you tell me if its worth anything please.
 Your help would be gratefull Thank You. Kev.

I'd put it on a 7 day auction, 99p start and hope you get two bidders who want it - you may get lucky, but its not that old unfortunately.

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