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$100k a Year?

$100,000 a Year From Your Websites

Wouldn't it be great to make $100,000 a year from your websites. You could give up the 9-5, buy a new car, and spend lots more time with the familly.

Lets assume this is our goal and ask ourselves what we would have to do to achieve this, so we can be realistic about the amount of work & time that we will have to put in, and is it really possible for the amateur, part-time webmaster to achieve.

Ok. We're going to design & market a website that will make its primary income through Googles Adsense Programme. We'll use Adsene because it is context sensitive - you add the relevant code to your page & it will display ads that match up with the content of your page. Adsense also pays by click & pays monthly - it is a very reliable method of monetising your website.

Now lets work out some figures to see how hard our website will have to work to make $100k a year, & hence the content & promotion we will have to do.

$100k a year is $284 a day. Lets assume that our website will target consumer items that demand $0.30 a click. So we'll need 946 clicks. Ah, but not every visitor to our site will click an add. An achievable click through rate would be 15% per impression or page view. So we need 6306 page views per day to hit our click target, & thru that our yearly $100k revenue target.

6306 page views per day is a lot. Thats 2,220,000 per year. All of a sudden our target seems very difficult to achieve. Lets look at in a different way. If our website had 500 content rich, product targeted pages, each page would only have to be viewed 12 times a day to hit our target. So could we build a website where out of all the millions of people using the web every day, each page only has to be viewed 12 times? Of course we can. The difficult thing is building those 500 content rich, targetted pages, so lets work out how long that will take.

Lets allow for 2 weeks to come up with a design that we'll use as our template. Now we'll say that we can add 2 pages a day, every day, while at the same time adding 2 quality links a week, which will include deep links to specific pages.

After 250 days, or 8 months, we'll have a website which, in theory could earn us $100k a year!

Obviously this was a bit of a mind experiment, & many things could affect your earnings. But I know what I'm going to do (50 pages so far - 450 to go!) - fancy coming along for the ride?

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