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Installing Rotweiler Third Party Maps Onto Your Garmin Nuvi GPS Sat Nav

We Show You How To Put Alternative (Or Simply Not Available From Garmin) Maps On Your Device

If you're after maps of the Far East, and can't get them from Garmin (or don't want to pay their prices), Rotweilermaps.com offer their own maps of Bali, Hong Kong, NW Mexico, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Central Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. Contributed by a network of Volunteers, to have full access to their maps all they ask for is a $100 donation to help them continue their great work.

The maps are aimed at users of handheld GPS Sat Nav devices, but are routable for use with our in car units, with some limitations. With Nuvi or newer StreetPilot models you can't search for Streets or Intersections - they are working on this - but bear this in mind before splashing out on your cash (If you make a $100 donation I'm pretty sure you get free updates). The map files themselves are quite small (in comparison to a UK map) so you should be able to fit them all onto a 512mb SD Card, or at least the ones you'll need. I've also got a question about whether you can have their detailed City Maps of Thailand on the same unit at the same time as their Thailand Country Map, or if you've got to have them on separate SD cards and swap between them. This isn't really an issue as SD cards are so cheap nowadays.

Remember these additional maps are not supported or authorised by Garmin. You will receive no technical support from Garmin, and they could invalidate your warranty if installed and your unit fails. We accept no responsibility for problems that may arise from following this workshop and users should read the instructions at rotweiler.com for full details. Use at your own risk.

So in this workshop we're going to show you how to install Rotweiler's demo map of "The area around Ploenchit and Sukhumvit Roads in Bangkok including Soi Nana/Soi 4 and Soi Cowboy" in Thailand, so we can get a feel for their maps and how they work.

Lets get started!

Nuvi with usb and sd cards

In order to install extra maps to your Nuvi you'll need a mini USB lead connected to your PC, your device and an SD card. I've got a 1gb SD card here which is a bit of overkill.

My Computer

Before we do anything with our GPS it's good practice to back everything up to your hard-drive.

Connect your Sat Nav to your PC and then go to "My Computer" (From Start Button on XP).

You should see the Garmin appear as a removable storage device.

We're going to be copying the entire contents of the Garmin and putting that back-up on our pc hard-drive or usb memory stick.

For a Nuvi 200 you'll need about 250mb free, other devices will need more.

Right-click the Garmin Icon and select copy. Then go to "My Documents" or your USB Flash Drive, create a new folder called "Garmin Back Up" go into the folder, then right-click, paste. Your device is now backed up and we can safely continue.

Rotweilers Map Page

Next we're going to visit the Rotweiler Map Page and download their free demo map. (The one at the top.)

Click the red link and save it to your Desktop PC's hard-drive in a new folder called "DemoMap".

Read all the instructions / warnings on the site!

Demo map installer start screen

When it's finished downloading, navigate to the demomap folder and double click the sukhumvit.exe to get the installer started, and click "next".

(I had to download this twice before it would work, it kept saying it was corrupt, so persevere).

Nuvi select

After accepting the terms and the installation file we've reached this screen.

Select the middle option for Nuvi's, then Next., then install, and the software will add the maps to your pc.


Mapsource download page.

Now we're going to head over to Garmin and download their Mapsource Software, this is the thing that will help us install the maps on our Nuvi.

Click on the link to download, and save or copy it to a new folder called "garmin" on your desktop pc, not forgetting to look at the instructions too!

Mapsource web update

Once you've downloaded it, go to your Garmin folder and double click the .exe file to run the installer.

The mapsource update will now update itself over the web, click next, accept the terms, and next.

Mapsource update done

You should end up at this screen.

Click"done" and we'll install our demo map.

Demo map in mapsource

On my PC the Demo map appeared in the map screen automatically.

Use the mouse to scroll around and zoom in and out to get a feel for the map and the detail in it.

Make sure you read all the instructions in the help menu.

If you zoom right in you can see all the Points of Interest (POI's) - restaurants, ATM's, etc.

These maps look really good!

Map select

Enough messing around. Put your SD card into your Garmin, plug it into your USB and turn it on. You should get the black screen with the picture of a pc on it.

Then return to mapsource, click on the "Map Tool" (I've circled it in red) then click in the centre of the map.

This will select the map and you should see the name of the map appear in the left hand panel.

Select device

Next, from the top menu, click "Transfer" then "Send to Device".

Remember, we want to send the map to the SD card in the Nuvi, not the Nuvi itself.

In my case this is removable disk G, it could be different on your PC.

Click send and we're done.

Unplug your Garmin Nuvi, turn it on, go to the main screen and press the spanner icon.

Go to the maps section, then click the map info button. Make sure the Bangkok map has a tick next to it.

Go back and enter the System Menu, and turn the GPS Simulator on., so we can do a demo with the maps.


Bangkok Coordinates

Now, you won't find the demo map with an address or the map browser, it's just too small, we need to go to the exact lat / long coordinates.

From the main menu press "where to" and scroll down to "Coordinates".

Enter the numbers you see in the picture on the left. To change the "W" to "E" just tap on it.

Then press next.

Now press "show map"

Bangkok map on Garmin Nuvi

There it is! Our little bit of Thailand installed on our Garmin Nuvi.

Don't press Go!

Use the plus button to zoom in, then drag your finger across the screen to move the map around.

Tap on the screen where it looks interesting and press "Set Loc." (Make Sure it's on a road).

Now move the map to another location by dragging your finger across the screen, tap the map (Make Sure it's on a road). , then press "Go!".

Driving in Bankok

You should now see your unit demo a short route through down-town Bangkok!

(Because the map is so small it's possible to get an "unable to calculate route" error, just bang in the lat / long again and pick two points that are closer together).

Play around with the map. You'll find that you can navigate to the local POI's, (The Honey Hotel sounds good....) but you can't enter addresses, as stated previously. I understand that this is a problem with Nuvi's and newer StreetPilot's, which Rotweiler are working on, but if you've got one of Garmin's mapping handhelds (see here for the eTrex Range) you can hunt for addresses.

So how would you use the maps if you can't search for addresses? You'd use the map browser and "point out" destinations, but that does mean you'd have to have a rough idea of the geographical location of where you want to go, or you could use lat / long.

I was impressed with the level of detail in this little demo, and the maps are cheap, so they're worth considering if you're on a budget or want some of the maps at Rotweiler that simply aren't available elsewhere.

Important Notice: When you've finished playing around with the Thailand Demo, go into the settings of your Nuvi, Map, Map Info, and untick the Bangkok map, or you won't be able to easily find UK Addresses!

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Comments / Questions:

You can use another software like for example GMapTool to get all the maps you\'d like to show in your GPS into a single gmapsupp.img file.
It allows you to select all the .img files from your Garmin maps directory and merge them together. It works!
Just be sure your output file is smaller that the space you have in memory :-) (obvious, but it could be a burden).


Hi, just wondered if you knew of any way to put several maps on a single SD card as they are all gmapsupp.img I have read that you can add 1 to the file name but does not seem to work. Nick.

Not sure about that, maybe use
Garmins Mapsource Installer
to put the maps on your device?

answer to question- you can't add maps to existing ones you have to reinstall the old ones at the same time as the new ones in a big bunch. Fuw.


Excellent description! Well done!!

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