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How To Create Your Podcast RSS Feed - Tell The World!

This Is The Clever Bit - But It's A Bit Complicated

Ok, so you've recorded your Podcast using Audacity, you've added your Podcast Logo using Itunes, and you've sorted out your embedded logo. Now it's time to make the RSS feed, and we'll show you how.

Actually that's not quite true. If you've opted for Libsyn as your Podcast Host, I want you to follow their instructions on how to make an RSS feed, its almost fully automated, and once you've got the URL simply go to the itunes store and submit your feed.

If you want to host your own feed, then you're obviously a person like me who likes to know the ins and outs of things, so you're going to do this:
1) Read this tutorial about how to create RSS Feeds. It's superb and you'll know exactly what these feeds are all about.
2) Once you've made your basic feed, and uploaded it to your own server, head on over to feedburner and submit it there. They'll add some cool features like tracking and multi-platform support.
3)Once you've finished submitting your feed at feedburner you'll have a new URL to submit as a Podcast at the Itunes store.

WARNING: Once you've submitted your feed url to Itunes it can take several days for the image to appear! It can take several days for your Podcast to appear in the categories! DON'T PANIC!

What's next? Go to Google and search for Podcast Directory. Submit your feed URL to as many as you can be bothered to.

Put links on your websites, email your friends, and encourage them to subscribe via the itunes store and to write reviews - everything helps.

The final thing is to enjoy it - do some interviews, review what you've done, listen to other Podcasts and try to make yours better. Then email me and I'll subscribe too!

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