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Recording Podcast Interviews With Skype!

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I have to admit that the jury is still out on this one. As you may know, I'm a tight git, and don't like paying for anything unless I have to, so I'm on the search for a free solution to record Podcast interviews over the Skype Voip Service.

For Skype to Skype calls, the free version of Powergramo has worked fine for calls within the UK - I haven't had a chance to check it with longer distance calls. Powergramo also records both ends of the conversation onto a mono track - this originally didn't bother me, but could be a problem if there's lag, or delay, on the line. Because it's a mono track you can't edit the individual tracks or make time shifts to make up the difference.

I'm testing a new program at the moment - Call Graph. This software records all Skype calls, Skypeouts, ins, and conference calls. It records the conversations to a stereo mp3 file - your voice on one track, the other person or people on the opposite. And its free. But it's still in beta, and I've had issues with the two tracks getting out of sync. You can fix this in Audacity with a bit of work - but it would be nice if it was right first time. I'm not sure if this actually is a problem with the software or a problem inherent in Voip phone-calls.

No matter which method you use, the volumes of the voices will probably be different, so once you've merged the file with the rest of your voice audio and created a wav file, run it through the Levelator, then add your stingers or bumpers.

If you've recorded a stereo track, you might want to mix the tracks together a little - otherwise its a bit harsh to have one voice coming out of one speaker, the way I'm going to be doing is by duplicating the stereo track, switching the channels, then reducing the volume by 2/3, so you get the stereo effect, but its not quite as distinct. Then I'll put it through the Levelator.

Once you're happy with your interview file, its back to Audacity to copy it into the mix.

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