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How To Add A Picture To Your Podcast

Use Itunes To Embed An Image To Your Podcast Before You Upload It To Your Server

Its important to understand that the image that appears on your Ipod - or in the Podcast part of Itunes on your PC - is different from the image you see in the Itunes Store. The picture on your Ipod is embedded in the mp3 file. The image in the Itunes store Podcast Directory is loaded via the RSS feed.

So you can have one image for your Podcast description, and a separate one for each Podcast Episode. This took me a while to get my head around, so I'll show you in pictures.

This Picture, on your Ipod, is embedded into the mp3 file of your podcast.

This picture, the same as above, is embedded into the mp3 file of your Podcast.
Podcast Image In Itunes Store

This picture, from the Itunes Store, is generated from the RSS Feed Of your Podcast.


This picture, from the Itunes Store, is also generated from the RSS Feed Of your Podcast.

I hope that makes things a little clearer - one is embedded, one is part of the RSS Feed. Will cover the feed version in another article, but now let's look at how to embed your Podcast Image into your MP3 file.


Making a podcast logo

First up you'll have to create your logo, probable best to go 300x300 pixels, and save it as a .jpg.

I've used Photoshop in this example, but most image editing software will do.


Importing into itunes

Next start up itunes, then use "File", "Import" and select your completely finished Podcast MP3 file.

Itunes will add the file to your Music library.

Get info for Podcast

Simply select your Podcast file, then right-click "Get Info".


Adding an image to a podcast

Click on the "Artwork" tab, then "add", and select your previously saved logo.

Click "ok" and Itunes will embed that image into your mp3 file - easy!

Our Podcast MP3 file is now ready to be uploaded to a Server, so that's the next guide!

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