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How About Hiring An In-Car Sat Nav - We Look At Zintech As Our Provider

For One Off Business Trips Or Holidays To Europe, North America, South Africa or Australia, This Could Be A Cheaper Option Than Buying

I, more than anyone, enjoy owning my gadgets, including my trusty Garmin Nuvi 200. But that device is only good for navigating in the UK. If I want to use it in Europe or America I've got to buy expensive maps (over £100) that I'd probably only use once.

Zintech.co.uk offer an in-car Satellite Navigation hire service, covering the UK, Europe, The States, Canada, South Africa and Australia. They supply TomTom units, a trusted and reliable brand, and offer flexible hiring and pricing options.

So to hire or rent a Sat Nav could be a cheaper option, especially for one-off holidays or business trips, lets look at how easy it is to do.

Visiting Zintechs web site we can check availability and price for whatever country option we need. I looked at hiring a TomTom One Europe for a week, and the total cost, including Postage and VAT is £35.96.

For those of you interested in hiring a Sat Nav for use in America, Zintech will rent you a TomTom for £66.47 for two weeks. This is pretty good value for money. To buy a Sat Nav in the UK with North American maps, you'd be looking at a TomTom Go 920 for about £370, or a Garmin Nuvi 270 for about £250.

I filled in the online form and they promised it would be here by lunch-time the next day. Sure enough, by 1030am the Royal Mail were at the door with my parcel. Great!

Unwrapping it, Zintech include the TomTom One itself, windscreen mount, car power lead, instruction booklet and packaging to send it all back after my hire period.

Firing the unit up I was delighted to see a personal message on the screen, and the unit was fully charged and ready to use. Being a big fan of the TomTom One I took it out for a quick spin to check Satellite reception, and everything worked perfectly.

So there we have it. Hiring a Sat Nav is very simple and quite good value for money. I would have liked to see Zintech include a carry case to protect the unit, and the return Packaging really should be pre-paid and included in the price, but apart from that I've only got good things to say.

If you need a Sat Nav quickly, and don't want to go the expense of buying one, the hire service offered by Zintech.co.uk is very good indeed. Recommended.

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