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Laying A New, Multi, Micro Geocache GC19A0R

Tobys Cache - Geocaching With A Micro Hide To Test The Best! (Maybe...)

Tobys GeocacheSo today I decided on a whim to set a new Geocache, half inspired by a recent touch micro cache that I discovered a couple of weeks ago. I decided on a multi micro cache, no puzzle, just a waypoint that leads to a mini-cache that contains the coordinates that lead to the main log cache.

I wanted this geocache to be a bit more of a challenge than my previous effort. Having found a few caches I now realise that discovering Geocaches is not about following the arrow on your GPS Sat Nav, it's about looking around, uncoding the clues, and trying to imagine where you would hide the cache.

The reason for this is the inherent innacuracy of GPS Sat Nav's, no matter how much they cost. At best a hand-held GPS will be accurate to about 10ft, and this worsens with tree cover, near buildings or bad weather. So if the person setting the Geocache was 10ft out with their lat / long coordinates, and your device is 10 ft out, there is a theoretical error of 30 ft between where you think you are and where the Geocache is, so its down to your eyes and brain to find it, but that adds to the fun!

Anyway, here's the vid and hopefully it'll inspire you to go out and set some Geocaches too.

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