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Return To Hedera Variegata, Geocache GCZY1Z

My Nemesis Is Finally Conquered!

I'm pretty new to this Geocaching thing, but there is this one local cache that has defeated me on two occasions now. Hedera Variegata. GCZY1Z. I found it today with my new Garmin Etrex H, and it taught me a thing or two about Geocaching.

GCZY1Z is a micro cache, with a medium to hard level of difficulty, and after not finding it twice I emailed the owner to get another clue, so here's the video:

So what did I learn from this cache? Not to be too dependant on my GPS Sat Nav - not to chase the arrow around the coordinates. All GPS have a best accuracy of about 10ft - so if you're still, the cache could be in a circle of diameter 20ft all around you. If you take into account the possible error in the GPS of the person placing the cache you could have a circle of 40ft to deal with, so it's more about looking with your eyes than at the screen of your etrex.

The size of the geocache surprised me too - I never realized micro's could be that small, and the trick of hiding it behind the leaf was great, I only found it because the fake leaf was a slightly different colour.

Anyway, great walk, great cache, on to the next!

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love the videos of you going through the Etrex H.
I was shopping on the netfor a handheld GPS  and thought the more expensive the better the product.In this case the opposite is correct. i called a shop in Brisbane who also recommended the EtrexH for bushwalking. Saying that i have discovered Geocaching and looking forward to giving it a go in and around cairns Australia where i live.
many  thanks.


Just discovered your video for our cache. It did make me laugh and we are so glad you found it in the end. Can we please refer cachers to the video when they have get really stuck. We have one cacher who keeps asking me for clues and has tried to find the cache loads of times. She is also relatively new to the game. Also interested in your website as we are in the process of researching satnavs for the car and confused as to which one to get. Think it might be Tomtom go 720. Our GPS is garmin map60c and we've had it about 3 years now. We had it a while before we discovered geocaching and found it to be reasonably accurate depending on tree cover.
Stephanie and Gerry. ( genieus)

Glad you liked the video, please feel free to pass it on to anyone who needs help cracking your tough little micro!
I've just planted a multi micro you might want to have a go at.

The TomTom 720 is a very nice unit, but it may be worth looking at the new Garmin 760t.

For more in depth advice, please answer the following questions:
1)What's your budget?
2)Which countries will you be using the GPS Sat Nav in?
3)What mobile phones do you have?

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