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Our First Go At Hiding A Geocache With Our Garmin Nuvi 200

It Was A Spur Of The Moment Dash To The Woods To Hide Our Cache

Our First Geocache

We'd already had a go at finding a Geocache with our new Garmin Nuvi 200 Sat Nav, so when there was a break in the rain this sunny Summer month of July we quickly put together a simple Geocache and headed down to our local woods.

Our cache was a simple coffee jar wrapped in bubble wrap and camouflage net with a few trinkets squashed inside.

We visited the original cache, then started looking for a suitable place to place our Geocache.

It was more difficult than you'd think, every nice little glade we visited looked like people had been there recently, so we carried on trudging round until we found a nice little wooded area.

The odd thing about this shady glade, was that a number of trees had fallen down, and they were all facing the same way, giving excellent places to hide out Geocache.

I guess the answer we're waiting for is, can people find our cache with the coordinates given by our Sat Nav? I think I took the right readings, but rather foolishly I didn't write them down, just saved he location as a favourite on my Garmin. The problem with doing this is that when I came to look at the coordinates when we got home it didn't list them, but I think I've worked them out from our last location.

The proof will be whether anybody does find it, so I'll update this page if they do.

If you fancy trying to find our cache, and live in the South of England, log onto geocaching.com and look for "Dugleys Cache".

I've posted a few pics of the route to our geocache below to give you a flavour of the area and what its like to go geocaching.

Update: Well, its the day after we placed our cache, and already 4 people have found it and swapped items! The Geocache now has picked up a Wandering Geocoin and a Travelbug. I guess this means our little Nuvi 200 recorded the lat / Long accurately, and the feedback on where we put the cache has been good. Job Done!


On the way to the cache This rather odd tree is on the route... looks like a fine place for our next cache!
On the boardwalk...

Although very muddy, these handy walkways making the going easy.

On the trail... The area is a mix of woodland and more open areas.
Off trail now... It's actually a little claustrophobic - you can't see more than 50 metres in any one direction.
Into the wooded glade The approach to where we hid our cache.
The Glade Of Fallen Trees The Woodland glade where our Geocache is hidden.
Where the cache is hidden... Can you see it?
What the Geocache looks like. Our Geocache before we hid it. Note the cunning camouflage!
So if you want to find our cache, go to geocaching.com and look for "Dugleys Cache"

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wow... I was FTF this cache!(along with my partner of the FTF'r name) I believe it's been seen to by the the locals....
found this site via the caching by automotive SatNav (recognised rivet, under the boardwalk, and the ivy one with the latin name from the pics)

Great! Don't get enough time to cache as much as I'd like to - glad you enjoyed the site.

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