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My Garmin Etrex H GPS Sat Nav - Video Review

Budget Entry Level Handheld Hiking / Geocaching Device Proves A High-Sensitivity Winner

GPS. That wonderful network of Satellites that our friends across the pond have spent billions of Dollars creating so that we can go searching for TupperWare boxes in the great outdoors. With the latest hand-held devices you can pin-point you position to within ten feet - 20 years ago this technology on Nuclear Submarines would have been the size of a Transit Van. Now you can have it all for £65.

The Etrex H is Garmin's entry level hiking / Geocaching GPS Sat Nav. It doesn't have any maps inside it, only the ability to store 500 "way points" or positions. It can organise those waypoints and store them in 20 "routes", and while you're on those routes it can record your progress so you can follow a "bread-crumb" trail back to where you started.

Don't worry about all that. If you're buying an Etrex H you're probably going to use it in the simplest manner. Get the lat / long position of where you want to go, enter it into the unit, start walking and the little Garmin will point you in the direction you need to go. Simple, cheap, rugged, waterproof and reliable.

The H stands for high-sensitivity - this etrex improves on the original by being able to get and keep a GPS lock in the most demanding of locations, heavy tree cover, canyons, between tall buildings. It even gets a lock inside my house. Perfect for Geocaching.

It will run for about 15 hours off a pair of AA batteries, and remembers data when you change those batteries. It has an old fashioned back light if it's too dark to see the grayscale screen, comes with a lanyard to help prevent you dropping it, can be operated with one hand and feels a bit like a chunky mobile cell phone. Lets look at my video:

I like the Etrex H because of its simplicity. OK, I've got to spend another £20 if I want to get a serial lead to connect it to my PC, but I don't really need that at the moment. We just do simple Geocaching not hiking in the wilderness, so we drive to near the Geocache using our Garmin Nuvi 200, and then the etrex H can take us the rest of the way.

It's a solid piece of kit to have in your pocket, and at this price you can afford to put it in a drawer if you don't like Geocaching, or upgrade to a mapping model if you want to get really serious.


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