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Garmin Quest Sat Nav Review

Garmin Quest

Garmin Quest Review


Hmmm. The quest is most surely a legacy GPS Satellite Navigation device. That is a nice way of saying it is obsolete. But you can see them second-hand, and in some shops, going for bargain prices. Is it worth it to get one of these units on the cheap, or are you better off putting you cash towards a new Sat Nav?

I love the actually size & shape of the Garmin Quest. It is compact & light, small enough to pop into your shirt pocket. It doesn't have touch-screen, so you navigate through the menus using the rubber buttons to the right of the screen. Easy.

Ok, lets see how this thing navigates. You can find POIs and addresses, but no Post-Codes. The view on the map is Top-Down, and there are no voice commmands. The unit beeps at you when approaching a turn, and the screen changes to a view of the approaching junction.

Now, I have to say that the Garmin Quest did everything I asked it to on my test-drive. It didn't get lost, and delt with wrong turns fine, but I missed the 3d maps and voice commands of newer models.

I have spoken to several Quest users, and they love them. One chap had just come back from a Landrover tour in North Africa, and he used the Garmin Quest to Navigate between lat & long positions, and he thought it was great.

I must be missing something, because I just don't think the Quest can caut it anymore as a Sat-Nav device for the serious user in the UK. Modern units offer much better functionality and ease of use, but I guess for you die-hard Garmin fans it makes a good purchase.

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My Garmin Quest has a voice when in the car cradle, if I use it for walking then it only beeps.


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