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Garmin Nuvi 310d GPS Navigation Review

Garmin Nuvi 310 Review

Well Mr. Garmin, it looks like you've finaly done it, come up with an in car GPS Satellite Navigation device to take on the mighty Tomtoms, it easy to use, packed with loads of extra features and has a great price.

The Garmin Nuvi 310 Personal Travel Assistant is suitable for the traveller who wants street-level maps of the UK and Ireland straight out of the box. It has full Post Code lookup, so entering destinations is a breeze, and like the Garmin c310, useful Points of Interest (POI) are an integral part of the setup.

The Garmin 310 has a bright, sharp touch-screen, with buttons large enough so you don't need a stylus, just the mk. 1 finger. The unit I had to review picked up a strong GPS signal almost immediatly I mounted it on the windscreen and turned it on, thanks to the improved Satellite reciever.

Although I plugged my Garmin into the cigar lighter in my car, the documentation says that you should get 8 hours out of the battery, very impressive for such a slim and compact device.

How was the navigating? Everything we've come to expect froom Garmin. Fast Post Code or address look-up, and it is very simple to find local Petrol Stations, hotels, restaurants, etc. The 3d maps are clear and smooth, and the voice instructions loud and timely.

A great development of the new Garmin range is their ability to read out the name of the road you should be turning on to. Ok, sometimes the pronunciations were a bit off, but it is a lot easier to figure out which road you should be taking if there are a number of turns close together.

As with the new TomToms, the Garmin is packed full of extras, no longer just a GPS navigation device.The best has to be the Bluetooth hands-free calling option, so you can now use the Garmin to pair up with your mobile phone on the move. I had no problems with my Nokia, and speech was clear and loud.

The Nuvi 310 will play mp3s you download to it, read audio books, store your photos, work out currency conversions and act as your travel alarm. Wow!

So, here's the crunch. Is it better than the TomTom 510, its direct competitor? Tough one. Both are great units, so I guess it depends which one you can get cheapest. The 510 does come with speed-camera POIs pre-installed, so that might swing it for some people, but the Garmin can accept them as a download. (You'll have to pay for them.)

My advice? Try both, then decide for yourself. Both are great Car GPS Navigation devices, and the Garmin has impressed me greatly.

Comments / Questions:

I've just bought a 310 and my friends say that they get a lot of feedback (echo)when I am using the bluetooth in the car. Please help. Leeann.

Try an external mic.

i have a garmin nuvi 310 software version 2.30 with unit id.3188161620 and serial number 10577929 . how do i upgrade the software.

Go to the Garmin Web-Updater page.

I bought my nuvi 310 in 2006. I know for a fact that some of the maps in Cornwall are out of date. I tried to update but Garmin website says my Serial No. shows no updates detected. Eddie.

Contact Garmin.

Hi I have a nuvi 310 which i think is really good except for the one female voice on it. Is there anyway of getting new voices on it without paying for them? I also think the bluetooth is a great idea but not very clear.

Sorry, ya gotta pay at the moment.

Would a 300t touch screen work with a 310d,fingers crossed. Peter.

I don't see why not, but it could be a very tricky repair...

I have a garmin and Im not sure what model the manual cover has nuvi 310/360 on the cover
I am going to france in september I don,t no if the french maps are installed on it can you help a dumb dumb

Check on the back under the aerial, or use the map browser to scoot over to France and check the detail.

I purchased 6 Garmin Nuvi 300 2 years ago and want to upgrade the maps and have been told it will be £60 per unit which I think is very expensive!
HaveI a choice? Tommy.

Stick with your old Maps!

Whilst driving, jagged vertical lines appeared on the screen of my Garmin Nuvi 300 and then it went blank.  There is no response when I try to turn it on.  Is it dead? Margaret.

Maybe. Try the reset button on the back, under the aerial, first.

I have had my sat nav for over a year now it came without loaded maps & has frequently frozen. Now it has stopped working with a message wayword memory full!!!
Anybody else this problem or know how to resolve this? Trevor.

If its a Nuvi 300 series - 300, 310, 350, etc, do this:

1. Need to open Maintenance Mode by pressing the lower left-hand corner of the touch screen while unit is being turned on.

2. When the "Do you really want to start up in maintenance mode?" prompts, press the "Yes" button. (It is now okay to release the lower left-hand screen).

3. Log on password if necessary.

4. Press the "Clear user data".

5. When the "Do you really want to erase all user data?" prompts, press the "Yes" button.

6. Nuvi restarts.

I have a garmin nuvi 300 and checked the garmin website to see whether/how I get updates to it and the message was as follows:

Map updates for 2008 City Navigator NT® may only be installed on one compatible unit.
Please purchase an additional update for each additional unit

What does this mean? Antonietta.

What that means is that you need to buy the City Navigator NT Update, but if you had more than one Sat Nav you'd need a different disc for each one.

I have a Nuvi 310...have had for a while. In general a very good unit.
I have just updated with the UK/Ireland maps, but very soon I would like full European coverage. Can I do this ? I see some places selling Europe DVD's for like £60. Is this all I need to upgrade my 310 to cover Europe ? Stevie.

You'll need the maps and a bigger SD card, but even then you normally can't get all the maps on, just use the supplied mapsource program to load up the maps you need. Alternatively, get them supplied on SD card.

Ive seen the NT Europe DVD's for sale online, for about £60....so I can purchase that, and then just upload the contries I intend to visit ??
DVD seems to be the cheapest format...I have a couple of 1gig SD cards here anyway Just wanted to confirm it was as easy as that, before I spent the money. Thanks again, Stevie

IN fact....Is this what I need ??

You can only use that if you've allready got European maps installed.

To make sure you've got the right part number, check this link
and look at the "product compatibility" drop-down menu on the right. If your unit came with European maps installed, you can buy the cheaper update disc. If it didn't you've got to buy the more expensive one.

I've just bought a 310 yesterday - the hands free calling sucks to say the least - have any idea on fixing this? Ferdie.

Is your phone compatible?
Put the latest firmware on your GPS.
Buy an external microphone.

I can't seem to find my phone - I have the Nokia 6234. Is it compatible?

How do I upgrade the firmware - does the site give some instructions?

Your phone isn't listed, so that may be why you're having problems.
To update your device, have a look at this.

(ignore the speed camera bit and just check out the web updater part).

i have a garmin nuvi 310 and i turned it on the other day and it told me to update my maps and to go to a web site unfortunatly i pressed the screen b4 writing down the web site now i'm stuck please could u either send me the web site or tell me how to do it correctly thankyou. Keisha.

Try this link

Hi there when looking at the Garmin 310d and 350t, have they got the same map software?
On halfords website, the 310d has got Navteq, whilst the 350t has City Navigator Ver 9. James.

All Garmins use Navteq maps. The 310d has Bluetooth Hands-Free, Traffic aerial, and maps of Europe on Disc - you can't fit them all on the SD card provided.
The 350t doesn't have Bluetooth Hands-Free, does have Traffic aerial, and maps of Europe on Disc - see above. However the 350t speaks out road names - a very useful feature.
Which one to buy? Depends if you'll use the hands free option in the 310d. If not, get the 350t with its spoken road names.

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