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Garmin Nuvi 200 / 250 / 260 / 270 & W Variants Frequently Asked Question Video Netcast 2 - Latitude / Longitude & Geocaching

How To Access Lat / Long Info and Features On Your Garmin GPS Sat Nav

I got some great questions about how to get at certain latitude and longitude features inside the Garmin 200 series of GPS Sat Nav's, so I've knocked together a quick video as some of the instructions are a bit difficult to describe in words. Thanks to Siu from Toronto, Canada, for the questions.

(If you need the basics to get you started, watch our Garmin Nuvi 200 Series Beginners Guide Video. If you need to learn about some more advanced features, watch our Garmin Nuvi FAQ pt.1).

Without further ado, here's the video. Underneath are a list of links that relate to subjects brought up during the instructions, and please use the comments form at the bottom of the page to ask more questions, or about anything really.

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Geocaching FAQ explains some of the terms and sayings.

Geocaching with My Etrex H Video of me Geocaching with my hand-held GPS.

Comments / Questions:

Is it possible to turn of that most annoying, irritating beep as you press the screen? ... it's driving me crazy and everyone else too! Fred.


just one question - in all my reading, maybe i didn't get a good "all around" GPS.  I want to do geocaching and use it in traveling, so my question is - is the 270 a good model for that?  Please write back.  I trust your judgment.  Thanks.  Sharon.

The 270 is a great model - just remember that when Geocaching don't drop it, protect it from the weather, and don't let it go flat when you're in the middle of the woods!

I purchased my 270 mainly for Geocaching, also for tripping.  I am frustrated.  I called Garmin to see how to operate to find a cache, wanting to know how to proceed.  What I wanted to know is this.  If I am at home, and want to locate a cache.  I put in the coordinates of the cache and drive - going to the location of the cache from printing off the directions.  Well, when I get there how do I proceed.  I thought the coordinates of where I was when I arrived would show, and then I make adjustments until I get the right coordinates.  But they say the coordinates will not show and change - you say to following the purple line.  Would you walk me through it? Sharon.

Ok, remember you need to change the "mode" of your GPS between "on road" and "off road" depending on if you're in the car or on foot. Press the spanner, settings, navigation, then press the button next to "faster time" and change it to "off road". The unit is now ready for geocaching on foot, and the map will just point to your geocache when you put the coordinates in.

Remember to change it back to "faster time" when you get back in the car!

What a wonderful way of getting to know the satnav- unfortunately Rob, I have a TomTom 700 Go - Are you aware of a similar thing for the Tom Tom please?  I used to live in Weymouth Ave, Brockhurst and therefore  am a thicky Gosportian.   I'm also trying to find a "French Aires" to download onto POI's.Regards Mike.

Your tomtom should have both the options to navigate to coordinates, and also be able to operate in "pedestrian" mode. If it hasn't, go to tomtom.com and download TomTom Home, their free software for updating the unit.

I have watched the videos and my question is CAN you put in the latitude and longitude in "manually" to find a point of interest?
So if I know the latitude and longitude and put in "manually" the numbers can I drive my automobile to get to my point using this feature? Tammy.

The Nuvi will navigate to any lat / long position you enter manually, either in "car mode" so it follows roads, or "off road" so it goes as the crow flys.

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