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Garmin Nuvi 350 In Car GPS Satellite Navigation Review

Garmin Nuvi 350 Sat Nav

The Nuvi 350 Offers Continental Map Coverage, A Host Of Extra's & Garmin's Superb Operating System

The Garmin nuvi 350 is a pan-European (or pan-American) in car transferable Sat Nav, it'll take you from London to Lisbon, or New York To New Mexico, all with Gamin's rock-solid reliability and map accuracy.

The nuvi 350 does not have Bluetooth, so it will not do hands-free calls from your mobile, but lets look past that. In fact recently I've become more of a fan of ear-piece Bluetooth kits, they're smaller & you can use them while walking, and very cheap.

So what does the Garmin have to offer? Loads. I guess the Garmin 530 is like a souped up Tomtom One Europe. It has 3d maps, voice instruction, automatic re-routing, all the Navigation features we expect from a Garmin Sat Nav. Entering destinations is easy with the touch-screen, don't worry about struggling with a clumsy stylus or buttons. The voice instructions are loud & clear, and the 350 will even attempt to read out road-names to you, a very useful feature.

Sat Nav, the Garmin Nuvi 350 included, are now so much more than just about getting from a to b. Lets think about the bigger picture. Imagine you're using the unit to help you around France on a driving holiday, or maybe you've hired a car while in Germany on a site-seeing trip. The Garmin, with downloadable guidebooks, can tell you all about the places to visit, and the included Points of Interest files will take you there. Not only that, but if you buy one of the optional phrase-books, you can use the Garmin to translate phrases, and even read them out so you know how to say them!

Bored while staying in your hotel? The nuvi 350 will play your favourite mp3's or audio books. What more could you want in this price range?

In use I've never had a problem with any of the Nuvi range, and the size is a plus, you can slip it into your pocket, or flight bag, and you haven't got to worry about a bulky box taking up valuable space.

Overall the Nuvi 350 compares well with the Tomtom One Regional, in fact it has many more features, and if you don't want the Bluetooth features of a 710, the 350 has just as many "funky extras".

Comments / Questions:

Magellin has a feature called route exclusion, the Garmin seems to only offers one route. Is there a way to get route exclusion, only free ways, no free ways, etc.? Mike.

With the Garmins you can choose to avoid major roads, unpaved roads, toll roads.

Hi - Will the GTM10 Trafic receiver work with this unit? Also I have seen some GTM10 units for use with Kenwood in dash systems. As the navigation system in the Kenwood systems is Garmin I wondered if they could be used with the Nuvi 350. If I can use a GTM10 it would allow me to tidy up the wiring to the unit.
Many Thanks. Roger.

Yep, that unit should work with your Nuvi 350 Garmin.

Hi does this unit find speed cameras in france italy spain and if so how much will it cost to subscribe to these datebases is this unit a lot better that 250w thanks. Domeniaco.

I'm not sure about whether it comes pre-installed with European Seeed cameras,
phone Garmin,

It's a better unit than the 250w, just make sure it's got the latest maps on it, as the 350 is getting a little long in the tooth now.

just seen an incredibly cheap nuvi 350 but it has v8 mapping can this be updated or should i pay more and get one with v9

Depends what condition its in, how old it is, does it come with all the bits, can you trust the seller etc?
Older maps aren't a problem until you come across an error... But that still happens with new maps anyway..

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