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Garmin Nuvi 270 North America / Europe Sat Nav Review

Compact, Cheap And With All The Maps Pre-Installed That You Could Possible Need...

Garmin Nuvi 270Navigate the world with just a box smaller than a packet of cigarettes. Never worry about not being able to find a fuel station, restaurant or hotel. Avoid speed cameras everywhere. That's the Garmin Nuvi 270.

Well, almost. The Nuvi 270 comes pre-loaded with detailed street-level maps of Europe and North America and is an excellent navigation device for the user who wants a no-frills compact in-car Satellite Navigation unit.

The Nuvi 270, the big brother (in map terms) of the Garmin Nuvi 200 and 250 is incredibly small and thin. The bulk of the front is taken up with the bright touch-screen. The power lead (mini usb) plugs into the rear, and the windscreen mount is small and functional, but apart from a dashboard disc that's all you get in the box.

The Garmin Nuvi 270 in this review is a basic navigator. It has 3d maps, voice instruction, POI's, auto re-routing, favourites, lat / long support, calculator, currency converter, world clock, image viewer and that's it. No hands-free Bluetooth for mobile phones. No mp3 player. No speech recognition or text-to-speech.

So how does the new Garmin Nuvi 270 work? Just slide the power switch to the left and the Sat Nav powers up. You'll see two large icons, "where to" and "view map". Just tap on the first and then you can start navigating to addresses / Postcodes, POI's, recents, favorites and lat / long coordinates. The unit will think about it for a few seconds and you're off. The bright screen is almost print-like, and the voice loud and clear, if a little robotic. One thing I have noticed, from this and other Satellite Navigation Units, is that often it's best to enter full addresses rather than Postcodes. I've found that a Postcode and house number will not take you to the exact location, where the town, road and road number will take you right there.

So why buy a Nuvi 270 if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of its rivals? The answer is in the question. All the 200 series Nuvi's offer simplicity, small size, reliability and value for money as their selling points. If you're after a simple GPS that is very easy to use and very small, and has maps of Europe and North America , look no further.

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Update: I've actually bought a Nuvi 200 (the GB version of the 270), so why not read my Garmin Nuvi 200 Review.

Garmin Nuvi Beginners GuideGarmin Nuvi 200 Series Beginners Guide Video Got A new Nuvi or thinking about buying one? Have a look at our instruction video to get a hang of the basics when using a Nuvi 200, 250, 260, 270 and W version.


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