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Garmin StreetPilot I3 Sat Nav Review

Garmin I3 Review

When I first saw the Garmin I3, I thought they must be joking. Its tiny, the screen about the size of 4 postage stamps stuck together. This cannot be a serious GPS Satellie Navigation device, its just a toy!

How wrong I was, and don't you let the dimunutive size of the Garmin I3 fool you, it is a highly capable & easy to use Navigation tool, and I grew to love it.

The I3 does have a small screen, but the fact that you can you it off batteries and not just the supplied cigar-lighter lead, means you can mount it higher on the windscreen, closer to your line of sight. (Remember not to mount it within the swept area of your windcreen, or you could get in troublw ith the Police.)

The Garmin I3 voice commands are very loud. Louder than Tomtoms, Mios, Medions, etc. The only Sat Nav unit that has a similair volume is the Navman 650, and that is several times the price. You can turn the volume down, but its nice to know that the loudness is there for when you want to navigate with the windows down & the stereo on.

Offering full Post-Code look-up, and thousands of useful POIs (hotels, petrol-stations, etc), 3d maps and voice commands,the I3 is impressive, but I find that the making or breaking of any Sat Nav is its user interface, that is to say, how easy is it to tell the thing where you want to go?

The Garmin I3 is not touch-screen. Instead it uses a roller button to scroll around the screen. It takes a little getting used to, but if you're competent at sending text messages on your moblile phone you won't have any worries.

While using the I3 it gave me clear instructions, and delt with diversions quickly and easil. I must admit I used the car-lead all the time, so can't comment on battery life, but the unit, at this price, impressed me greatly.

Would I buy a Garmin I3? If I was in the market for a Sat-Nav device, at almost half the price of a new Tomtom, then definately yes. Nothing in this price-bracket comes close to the functionality & useability of the Garmin I3. Buy a Garmin Streetpilot i3 - GPS Navigation System From Amazon.co.uk 

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