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War of the Worlds Film Review

War of the Worlds Film Review

I'm a big fan of HG Wells, and funnily enough Jeff Waynes musical version from the 70's, and I was very wary when I heard Spielberg and Cruise were going to be putting their own spin on this littery classic.

I should not have been worried. The story of alien invaders coming from Mars to take over the Earth has been updated and shot in such a way that, yes, it is different from the original, but just as good.

Instead of the Journalist, our hero, Cruise, works in the Docks, and lives alone, only having his kids from his divorced wife at the week-ends. To say the least he is not the perfect father. With the arrival and massive destruction wrought by the Aliens, Cruise is forced to take his familly on a perilous escape away from the city and to safety, all the time trying to convince his kids that they will be ok, and that he is a good Dad.

Special efects are obviously key in this film, and they are breath-taking. The War of the Worlds is wonderful to watch, with the CGI efects being interwoven seemlessly with real footage, common to other Spielberg films lots of it is shot in almost documentary fashion. You feel like you're there, on the ground with the refugees, trying to escape from the aliens terrifying weapons.

Ok, there are moments where Cruise assumes super-hero dimensions, he manages to destroy one of the tripods after being sucked in, but for the most part the film is believable and really carries you along on its journey.

One of the best parts in the original book and the musical version was when, at the coast, a Navy ship engages and destroys a tripod, and then is sunk itself, and it is a shame there is nothing similair in the film (at the beginning), but overall I have to give this film the thumbs up. Buy it or rent it, get a bag of popcorn and enjoy.

ps It should have been shot in the UK!

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