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Spiderman 3 (12) (2007) (133 min's) Film / DVD Review

The Wall Crawler Returns In His Best Outing Yet!

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman returns in the the best installment yet.

Spiderman 3 really surprised me, I was expecting more of the same generic villain bashing, but what we get is a deeper understanding of the problems facing our favourite Super Hero, and how his problems are mirrored in our everyday lives.

WAIT! Don't click away! I'm not saying this is some kind of high brow moral play, there's still plenty of web-slinging and nasty baddies, it's just that we start to see a little deeper into the mind under that red mask...


Peter Parker

Peter Parker aka Spiderman has a pretty good life at the start of the film. He's doing well in his part-time job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, he's top of his class at university, he's got the girl (Mary Jane) and the whole of New york loves Spiderman, despite the best efforts of Jonah Jameson.

What happens next threatens his personality, relationship and finally his life.

We really get to see Spidey stretched as a Super-Hero and a man - but will he come through unscathed?

Peter has to address the moral issues brought up in the first 2 films. How him being Spiderman makes it difficult and dangerous for his relationship with MJ, and the ethics of justice he should follow when dealing with the bad guys, especially when he's fuelled by anger and revenge.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane returns as Spiderman's girl-friend, but now she has problems of her own.

As Spiderman becomes the toast of New York City she has to cope with being fired from her Broadway role and going back to waitressing.

Upset by Peter's lack of understanding, and his transformation by the Black Spidey-Suit, she falls into the arms of Harry Osbourn.

When Peter actually punches her under the influence of the Black Suit, could this be the end of their relationship?

We start to see MJ in a new light, that its sometimes difficult to share your fears and failures with someone who's on top of the world, and it'll be murder being a Super Hero's squeeze!

Harry Osbourne

Harry Osbourn. Former best friend of Peter Parker, Harry is now determined to kill Spiderman and avenge his death, having discovered all the Green Goblins hi-tec gear in Spiderman 2, he changes them for his own ends.

Spiderman in black venom suit

The Black Suit. When Spideys suit is contaminated by a symbiotic life form from outer space, Peter Parker gets faster, stronger, but also develops a dark side, becoming arrogant and vengeful.

Is this how we might end up if we had Spiderman's powers?


Flint Marko aka The Sandman. A really interesting Villain, Flint is a convict on the run when he falls into a pit and transformed by a particle accelerator experiment. Now being made of sand, Flint is virtually indestructible, and proceeds to try and steal enough money to cure his dying daughter.

The Sandman can increase his size and strength by absorbing more sand - Spidey better keep him away from the beach!


Eddie Brock Jr. Rival photographer to Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle, Eddie makes the mistake of selling fake pics of Spidey while Peter's under the influence of the Black Suit.

Publicly humiliated by Peter, who should happen to be around when Spidey finally manages to rip off the Black Suit and throw it away?


Ok, its a little long, but we've got loads of story in this Spider flick, and plenty of character development too. I particularly like The Sandman and what drove him to take on Spidey, even if there would have been better ways to raise the money his sick daughter needed. (TV special?)

The closing scenes are particularly emotional, I won't give anything away, but lets just say that a few outstanding problems are sorted out.

The only problem I have with this Spidey Film (or the other two) is that its too obvious that most of the swinging Spiderman scenes are computer generated. We can suspend our belief, but whereas the action scenes with the Robots in Transformers could be from a real-life news-footage, the CGI Spidey scenes just don't look right a lot of the time.

Overall though an excellent Action Film and one that should ensure another sequel.

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