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Heat Film Review

Heat Film Review

Pacino and DeNiro onscreen together for the first time. Val Kilmer and Charile Theron in supporting roles. Michael Mann directing. This film has a lot going for it, and it delivers big-time.

Heat is the story of a group of criminals, led by DeNiro, and the cop who's trying to capture them, Pacino. We follow them through an Armoured Car job, then a bank heist that goes wrong, and the slow but sure lead up to an epic final confrontation between Pacine and Deniro. Fantastic stuff.

There are many stand-out scenes, my favourite being the aftermath of the bank heist, when Deniro and co. are confronted by hundreds of armed police in abusy city-centre, and are forced to fight their way out with automatic gunfire, taking several casualties along the way. The scene goes on for several minutes, and is edge of your sear stuff.

Pacino is superb as the cop whose personal life is falling apart because of his obsession with his job, failed to promises to familly tearing his marraige apart. Deniro is on top form as the world weary criminal taking on his final job before retiring to the sun.

The essence of this film for me was the empathy created by DeNiros character - you will find yourself hoping so much that he manages to pull it off and escape with his girl-friend, even though he has done so many evil things to get that far.

A great film, that should be in any film-lovers collection, another masterpiece by Mann, Pacino & Deniro.

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