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Collateral Film Review

Collateral Film Review

Tom Cruise is one of my favourite actors, and Michael Mann is my favorite director. In Collateral they come together to create a master-piece, that will have you gasping for more, and really getting involved with the characters. You will watch it again & again.

The plot? Cruise is a hit-man, hired to take out key witnesses in a big trial, several in one night. His method is to hire a Taxi for the whole job, driven by Jamie Fox, then to kill Fox at the end of the night, and frame him for the murders.

As the story unfolds Fox is forced to help Cruise, and it turns out that Fox's girlfriend is going to be muredered too, so he has to fight back, and the plot thickens.

Cruise is superb is an evil hitman. Always an excellent actor, we need to see more of Cruise in these sort of roles, turning his good-guy image on its head. We all know about his weird belief in scientology, but if you can put that to one side, Tom Cruise is definitely one of the finest actors of his generation.

Jamie Fox is great as the Taxi-Driver under pressure, sucked into a nightmare world not of his own making, and forced to stand up to Cruise or lose the thing he loves the most.

Mann has once again assembled a superb cast, all of whom deliver the goods, and the ending is a master-piece. Buy it now.

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