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James Bond in Casino Royale

Daniel Craig Ushers In A Great New Era For The Franchise With A Tougher 007

James Bond 007I know the new James Bond Flim has been out for ages, but this is the first time I've seen it, and Daniel Craigs Take on the classic Brittish Agent, 007.

With the opening scenes we see a harder, tougher Bond, a real brawler at the beginning of his Secret Service Career, too cocky and self-assured, who needs t be taught a thing or two.

After killing an unarmed hostagee (who was a bomb-maker) M sends Bond off on holiday to cool off and escape the media spot-light. Bond gets involved in more intrigue and gets sucked into a situation out of his depth, leading to the deaths of innocent bystanders.

I have to admit that about half-way through the movie Daniel Craigs constant pouting to camera was really putting me off. Too much of a poser with too little action, As we get into the last third of the movie we get into some real Bond Action - great chase and fight scenes, all leading up to a brilliant ending with a nice little twist that helps to explain why Bond is Bond, ice cold killer.

Overall a great start to Craigs tenure as 007, and I can't wait for the next installment.

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